How to spell SAVIRE correctly?

Possible suggestions for the misspelling "savire" could be "savior", "savvy", "savage" or "savoury". It would depend on the context and intended meaning of the word. Using a spell checker or consulting a dictionary can also help correct misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell savire correctly

  • afire
  • sabre The cavalry officer drew his sabre in preparation for battle.
  • sartre Jean-Paul Sartre was a prominent existentialist philosopher and author.
  • satire
  • savage The savage animal attacked the man without warning.
  • save
  • saver The energy saver feature on my air conditioning unit helps me save money on my electricity bill.
  • savers We have a great selection of savers to choose from.
  • saving
  • savior She was looking for her savior.
  • saviors The firefighters were hailed as saviors for rescuing the people trapped inside the burning building.
  • savor I plan to savor every moment of this trip.
  • Savored After sampling the different wines, she savored the dessert wine.
  • savors A strong sense of smell is an essential part of the savors flavor experience.
  • savory The savory meatloaf loaf was a delicious dish.
  • severe The storm caused severe damage to homes and buildings in the area.
  • sire The noblemen waited outside the King's chamber, anxiously awaiting to hear their sire's decree.
  • spire The spire of the cathedral was a symbol of the city's wealth.
  • squire She was the Duchesse deoville, the squire's daughter
  • zaire I love zaire chicken.

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