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How to spell SAVUH correctly?

If you're finding yourself struggling with the typo "Savuh", worry not! Several possible corrections could help. Try substituting it with "Savvy", "Savor" or "Savant" depending on the context. Remember, we all make mistakes and with these suggestions, you're on your way to impeccable spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell Savuh correctly

  • AVH AVH stands for auditory verbal hallucinations, which are commonly associated with conditions like schizophrenia.
  • AVU The AVU (audio video unit) is responsible for capturing and broadcasting live events.
  • BAVU
  • Saúl
  • Sadhu A sadhu sat peacefully under the Bodhi tree, meditating in deep contemplation.
  • SAH
  • Saiph Saiph is believed to be about 65,000 times more luminous than our Sun.
  • Saith "He who speaks with a silver tongue, saith words of both truth and deception."
  • Salah Mohamed Salah is a talented soccer player who currently plays for Liverpool.
  • SAMU SAMU is an emergency medical service that provides assistance to people in need.
  • Sarah Sarah is looking forward to her vacation next month.
  • Sash She wore a beautiful sash adorned with colorful sequins.
  • SAU SAU is an abbreviation for the Saudi Arabian Universities.
  • Saul Saul hoped to find solace in his favorite book as he dealt with his overwhelming emotions.
  • SAV
  • Save We should save our money for a rainy day.
  • Saved The firefighter heroically saved a family from a burning building.
  • Saver Using coupons and shopping during sales events is a great way to be a money saver.
  • Saves The goalie makes an incredible saves, preventing the opposing team from scoring.
  • Savor I love to savor the rich flavors of a homemade, slow-cooked stew.
  • Savoy The couple decided to spend their vacation in the luxurious Savoy hotel in London.
  • SAVS The scenic view from the top of the mountain was absolutely stunning.
  • Savvy She is tech-savvy and always stays up to date with the latest gadgets and software.
  • SIVU I visited the SIVU library to borrow some books for my research paper.
  • SMUH

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