How to spell SAVUOR correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "savuor", it's actually "savour". Alternatively, you may also consider "savor" as another correct option. Both spellings refer to the enjoyment of food or drink. So next time you desire to relish delicious flavors, remember these accurate choices.

List of suggestions on how to spell savuor correctly

  • saver Using a shopping app is a saver for busy people who have no time to browse through multiple stores.
  • savior The paramedics were the savior for the victim who had a heart attack.
  • saviour There were times when Tom felt like his best friend was his saviour, always there to lend him a helping hand.
  • savor I like to savor every bite of my favorite dessert.
  • savour I savour every bite of this delicious meal.
  • savoy She prepared a delicious quiche made with savoy cabbage and Gruyere cheese.

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