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How to spell SAYDS correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "sayds" instead of "says", don't fret! Here are some appropriate suggestions to fix the misspelling: "sands", "safes", "spays" or "soybeans". Remember to double-check before hitting send to ensure your message is clear and error-free!

List of suggestions on how to spell sayds correctly

  • ADS I saw multiple ads on the internet promoting the new smartphone.
  • days She decided to take a few days off from work to go on a trip.
  • sad
  • sade The sade music pierced my ears.
  • said "She said she couldn't believe it when I told her the news.
  • salads I love ordering chicken salads when I go out to eat.
  • sands The hot sun beating down on the sands made it hard to walk barefoot.
  • SARS Prevention of SARS is a global effort.
  • sass She was fired from her job for her continuous habit of giving sass to her boss.
  • sates The delicious dinner sates my hunger.
  • satyrs The satyrs were drinking wine from the jug of nectar.
  • SAUDIS The Saudi embassy confirmed that they would be hosting an event to celebrate the national day of the Saudis.
  • saws He saws the wood to the exact measurements.
  • says "I guess she just says what she feels like"
  • scads I brought a scads of books.
  • Seeds The seeds need to be planted in order for the plants to grow.
  • shads I put the shads in the fishtank.
  • sids SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is a heartbreaking tragedy.
  • slays My favorite character in the show is the fierce warrior who slays dragons.
  • SODS
  • spays
  • stays She stays up late every night to study for her exams.
  • suds I can't believe she said she would help me clean up the kitchen and then left us to suds all by ourselves!
  • swards The knights' swords gleamed in the sunlight as they charged forth with raised swards.
  • sways The tree sways gently in the breeze as if it's dancing.

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