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How to spell SCAIRS correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelt "scairs", there are a few potential correct suggestions you can consider. It's possible you meant "scars", referring to marks left on the skin. Alternatively, you may have intended to write "stairs", which are used for ascending or descending within a building. Double-check your intended meaning and select the appropriate word accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell scairs correctly

  • cars When you're ready to go, I'll drive you to the cars.
  • OSCARS While the Oscars are entertaining, they're also a gateway drug to the ridiculousness of Hollywood.
  • sails She kept her sails wide open for sailboat.
  • SARS The virus caused a global outbreak of SARS in 2002.
  • scabies Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition caused by tiny mites burrowing into the skin.
  • scabs After the wound has healed, scabs will form to protect the area.
  • scads The company has scads of data to analyze before making a decision.
  • scalars Scalars represent physical quantities which can be measured.
  • Scales I need to check my weight on the scales.
  • SCAMS People need to be aware of online scams and protect their personal information.
  • scans
  • scar The scar on her face was a reminder of the accident she had been in.
  • scare I was scared that the dog would scare the cat.
  • scares The sight of the bear scares me.
  • scarf She wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck.
  • Scarfs I love to wear scarfs in the winter to keep my neck warm.
  • scarp The cliff was marked by a sharp scarp.
  • scarps The steep scarps of the mountain looked daunting to climb.
  • Scars Shelagh's scars are a remnant of when she was raped.
  • scary
  • SCATS I'm scared to SCATS in public.
  • scours The detective scours the crime scene for clues.
  • sears The best vacuum cleaners are made by Sears.
  • SIRS The iris recognition system, known as SIRS, is unreliable.
  • soars The balloon soars up into the sky.
  • spars The sailor adjusted the spars on the sailboat before setting off on his voyage.
  • stairs
  • stars The sky was filled with sparkling stars on a clear night.
  • stirs

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