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How to spell SCALLED correctly?

If you meant to say "scalded" instead of "scalled", you're on the right track! "Scalded" refers to being burnt by boiling liquid. However, if you were looking for another word, "scaled" could be a valid option, meaning something has been measured or proportioned. Ensure correct spelling to convey your intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell scalled correctly

  • called
  • Celled
  • Culled The animal sanctuary culled its herd of deer to prevent overpopulation.
  • galled It galled him to be passed over for the promotion yet again.
  • miscalled He miscalled his wife's name during the heated argument.
  • Sailed We sailed on the ocean until sunset.
  • Sallied The soldier sallied forth to face the enemy.
  • scald
  • Scalded After being scalded, the skin is red, hot, and painful.
  • scale A balance scale is used to weigh objects.
  • scaled The building was scaled to accommodate the large dog.
  • scalloped The edges of the scalloped fabric were crisscrossed with neat pleats.
  • Scalped I was scalped by the Indian war party.
  • scarlet I have a scarlet rash.
  • Scowled I scowled at the offending message.
  • scrawled The note was scrawled in red ink.
  • Scrolled She scrolled through her phone looking for the perfect playlist to listen to on her morning run.
  • Sculled She sculled across the lake with ease, her oars slicing through the water.
  • sealed The envelope was tightly sealed to ensure that its contents would not get damaged or lost.
  • skilled The surgeon was highly skilled in performing delicate procedures.
  • so-called
  • Squalled A huge flock of birds squalled as they took to the sky.
  • Stalled

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