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How to spell SCAPPY correctly?

If the misspelling "scappy" refers to the word "scappy", then the correct spelling is "scrappy", meaning someone or something that is determined and resourceful despite being undersized or facing adversity. If it refers to another word, more context is needed for accurate suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell scappy correctly

  • sappy The romantic comedy was filled with sappy dialogue and predictable plot twists.
  • scalp He scratched his scalp vigorously to relieve the itch caused by the mosquito bite.
  • scaly The texture of the lizard's skin was scaly and rough.
  • scamp The little scamp ran off with my keys again!
  • scampi I ordered the shrimp scampi at the Italian restaurant.
  • scarp The scarp of the hill was steep and rocky.
  • scarps The geologists were studying the scarps left behind by the ancient earthquake.
  • scary I'm not sure I want to go to the party - it sounds really scary.
  • scrappy I'm scrappy with the budget, so dinner tonight will have to be quick and cheap.
  • snappy I find her comments quite snappy.
  • soapy After washing their hands with the new soap, they noticed that their hands became slippery and soapy.
  • soppy I can't watch romantic movies, they always make me feel soppy.
  • zappy I love zapping around like a zappy zebra.

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