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How to spell SCARVE correctly?

The correct spelling for "scarve" is actually "scarf". If you're struggling with misspelling words, try using a dictionary or spell-check tool to verify correct spelling before submitting. Additionally, practicing spelling and vocabulary through reading and writing can help improve overall literacy skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell scarve correctly

  • carve
  • carver The master carver spent hours chiseling intricate details into the wooden sculpture.
  • cave The bear retreated into the cave to escape the harsh winter winds.
  • curve The car skidded on the curve and ended up in a ditch.
  • salve She applied a salve to her sunburned skin.
  • Sarge " Sarge, can you please tell us what our next mission is?" asked the soldier.
  • save I will save money by packing my own lunch instead of buying food every day.
  • scale The scale of the mountain was daunting.
  • scar
  • scarce Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce due to climate change and overconsumption.
  • scare The sudden noise in the dark alley gave me a scare.
  • scarf I bought a cozy scarf to keep me warm during the winter.
  • Scarfed
  • Scarfs
  • scarier I'm a little scarier when I'm by myself.
  • scarp The cliffs have razor-sharp scarp edges.
  • scarper I feel like I need to scarper before he comes back.
  • Scars There are scars on his back that remind him of the time he was beaten by his father.
  • Scarves She had an extensive collection of scarves, ranging from silk to wool and everything in between.
  • scary
  • score The team was losing by one score with only 30 seconds left on the clock.
  • scree The scree was a nuisance because it made it difficult to walk.
  • scurvy One of the most common diseases in sailors was scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C.
  • serve
  • soave The pianist played a soave melody on the grand piano.
  • starve
  • stave He used a long stick to stave off the attacking dog.
  • suave She was a suave gentleman.

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