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How to spell SCEEN correctly?

If you often find yourself misspelling "sceen", here are some correct suggestions you can use instead. "Screen" is the correct spelling of the word you're aiming for. Double-check your spelling to ensure your writing is accurate and avoids any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell sceen correctly

  • sateen I love the way this sateen sheet set feels against my skin.
  • scan
  • scene After their argument, they retreated to their bedroom to have their scene.
  • scenes The director has planned to shoot several scenes in different locations.
  • scent The flower's sweet scent entranced me.
  • scion The proud son of a nobleman, he was the scion of a long line of distinguished officers.
  • screen I need to replace the screen of my smartphone as it's cracked.
  • Sean I'm going to pick up Sean from school.
  • see
  • seen
  • seer The seer claimed she could predict the future.
  • sen I think Sachin Tendulkar should be given the Sen honor.
  • seven I have seven books in my backpack.
  • sewn After the quilt was sewn together, the seams were hidden with batting and the quilt was ready for framing.
  • sheen The car had a sheen of sweat on it.
  • sicken The thought of eating that rotten food is enough to sicken me.
  • sneer She gave a sneer of disgust when she saw her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend.
  • Sven Anna wished she could go back to when she and Sven were just friends.

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