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How to spell SCEENED correctly?

Potential correct suggestions for the misspelling "sceened" include "screened", "scened" or "sceneed". However, "screened" is the most commonly used and accepted spelling when referring to the process of examining or testing something, such as a film or a person for medical conditions.

List of suggestions on how to spell sceened correctly

  • keened As the mourners gathered around the coffin, their voices keened in grief.
  • Queened She queened as the crowned victor, waving to her adoring fans from the stage.
  • Scanned I scanned the document quickly to see if there were any errors.
  • scene The crime scene was thoroughly examined by the forensic team.
  • scenes It was a pretty Scenes sure.
  • scented She lit the scented candle and placed it on the coffee table.
  • scorned She felt scorned when she realized her ex-boyfriend had moved on so quickly.
  • Screened The airport screened passengers for any prohibited items before they boarded the plane.
  • seeded She seeded the lawn with grass seeds.
  • Seemed I seemed to only be able to move my eyes.
  • seeped After the heavy rainfall, the water seeped through the cracks in our roof and flooded the attic.
  • seined
  • Sickened Watching the news of the animal abuse in the factory farm sickened the animal rights activist.
  • Sneered She sneered when I asked for help.
  • Sneezed I sneezed twice during the meeting and had to excuse myself to get a tissue.
  • weened The baby was recently weened from breastfeeding and started drinking formula.

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