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How to spell SCEENS correctly?

If you often mistakenly spell "sceens" instead of "screens", don't worry, it happens to everyone. Here are some useful suggestions to help you avoid this typo in the future: double-check your spelling, use spell-check tools, practice writing the word correctly, and try to memorize its correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell sceens correctly

  • keens I'm looking for the new pair of shoes; they're called "keens.
  • oceans I love the oceans because they are so vast and endless.
  • peens
  • scans I'm going to have to scans my passport to get into the country.
  • scene The crime scene was cordoned off by the police tape.
  • scenes Being a drama major, I am used to scenes.
  • scent The scent of the blooming flowers was overwhelming.
  • scents The garden was full of beautiful scents, from the fragrant flowers to the freshly cut grass.
  • scions I have five scions.
  • scorns Sarah scorns her family for littering.
  • screens I always make sure to clean my screens regularly to avoid any distractions.
  • Seeds
  • seeks He seeks to find the answers to the questions about life.
  • seems It seems like a good idea to start preparing for the exam now.
  • seen
  • seeps The ground seeps water after heavy rain.
  • SEERS The seers predicted that the kingdom would flourish under the new queen's rule.
  • sees The boy with glasses sees better than the girl without them.
  • sens
  • sevens Do you have a set of sevens?
  • sickens
  • siemens Henry can repair any Siemens appliance.
  • sirens The sound of sirens was heard coming from the distance, indicating a possible emergency.
  • skeins Knitting is a great way to use up those skeins of yarn.
  • sneers I don't appreciate your sneers - it's unprofessional.
  • steins The Oktoberfest servers carried trays of steins filled with frothy beer.
  • sterns The sterns of the boat were sharply angled.
  • teens Teens are generally more susceptible to peer pressure than adults.

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