Correct spelling for SCETOSE

We think the word scetose is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for scetose

  • Sticky(Definition of sticky)
  • That would make your maintenance crew real unhappy as they would have to clean the sticky material off the whole plane.

  • Sixties
  • He came to montana early in the sixties and worked in the mines.

  • Scouts
  • Those gap scouts will get under cover and be hunting for a drink the minute it gets cold-i know them.

  • Sites
  • The sites of towns and villages in canada are never selected at random.

  • Swedish(Definition of swedish)
  • 1846. chairman of the swedish society for religious liberty.

  • States
  • Thinking of making a long stay in the states?

  • Seeds
  • They have blown in here, thought rogers as he watched them, like seeds the wind has brought.

  • Scottish(Definition of scottish)
  • He returned to paris, but was again subjected to the persecution of beaton, the scottish ambassador.

  • Acetose(Definition of acetose)
  • Stage(Definition of stage)
  • Can i run down there and back in half an hour in time for the stage?

  • Sketches
  • Did his sketches amount to anything?

  • Sits
  • Her body is placed in a tabalang on which a rooster sits, and is set afloat on the river.

  • Shades(Definition of shades)
  • As she passed the lodge at the gate of the northwick avenue, where the sisters now lived, she noted that the shades were closely drawn.

  • Shadows
  • He took another step and two shadows seemed to fall upon him from behind, one on either side.

  • Sketch(Definition of sketch)
  • He has given us a moving sketch of it in his story entitled: "once in autumn."

  • Societies
  • A part of the elaborate funeral rites which king philip arranged in brussels during the latter part of december in honour of his dead father was the procession which afforded the authorities of the brabant capital an opportunity to display the inventive faculty, the love of splendour, the learning, and the wit which, as members of flourishing literary societies, they constantly exercised.

  • Shots(Definition of Shots)
  • A few shots threw everything into confusion.

  • Stakes
  • "what are my stakes?

  • Statutes
  • The reader who is acquainted with the enactments which go by the name of the "statutes of kilkenny" will scarcely wonder at this mode of proceeding.

  • Sheets
  • He had sent the proof-sheets of a part of his book to sir philip francis.

  • Sides
  • Then his hands dropped to his sides and he swore.

  • Stack(Definition of stack)
  • All the provisions stored in the tree had been brought out to dry, and a great stack of fuel, ready for burning, was piled up against the baobab; while all about the tree the rubbish had been neatly gathered together in heaps.

  • Steak(Definition of steak)
  • From among these rollo chose a beef steak, some hot rolls and butter, some honey, and some coffee.

  • Studies
  • Newman's own studies in criticism, by no means profound, led him to this correct conclusion.

  • Sights
  • She accomplished the journey with evident comfort, and was evidently delighted at the beautiful sights she saw on the way, though she said nothing, but only smiled and looked pleased.

  • Seats
  • Would he please get seats in the front row?

  • Stick(Definition of stick)
  • "exactly," said stingaree, "and i'm going to stick it up."

  • Suggests
  • Each suggests the other two.

  • Stock(Definition of stock)
  • Under the house is kept the live stock.

  • Static(Definition of static)
  • While the electricity was moving down the string it was dynamic, but as soon as it was stored in the leyden jar it became static.

  • Shoots
  • Youth draws a strong bow and often shoots beyond the mark.

  • Sideways(Definition of sideways)
  • On this sudden attack, i let go the normal and fell down sideways.

  • Suitcase
  • He'll come back after the suitcase.

  • Sticks
  • When he was suffering from cold in the wretched bivouac west of the river, officers went round calling for dry wood for his fire; and shivering men were seen to offer precious sticks, with the words, "take it for the emperor."

  • Stuck(Definition of stuck)
  • You and him, ain't you stuck together through thick and thin?

  • Stake(Definition of stake)
  • Did you stake the place?

  • Stocks(Definition of stocks)
  • "i knew the forty thousand i had purposely invested in these stocks would double itself by the fifteenth of october; this was the date set.

  • Suites
  • Then, in a few moments, she was conscious of passing from the free night air into the closer atmosphere of a house; and in going through an endless labyrinth of corridors, and passages, and suites of rooms, and flights of stairs, until she became so extremely tired, that she stopped with spirited abruptness, and in the plainest possible english, gave her conductor to understand that they had gone about far enough for all practical purposes.

  • Switch(Definition of switch)
  • Officers from the battalion observed the attack from buissy switch to note where lay the enemy barrage lines.

  • Stages
  • Thus, when in england-where he died in 1772-he would not ride nor send a letter by mail-coach, because the poor post-boys were compelled to ride long stages in winter nights, and were sometimes frozen to death.

  • Stays(Definition of stays)
  • Reckon it'll be no great matter whether wils stays or leaves.

  • Sets
  • Sets quiet enough for you?"

  • Suits
  • You're the one person of my own blood that i can take into full confidence, because you're the only one who doesn't think of my life as a piece of cloth to be cut and fitted to morgan's measure, whether it suits me or not.

  • Status(Definition of status)
  • Ward immediately was more fully informed as to the personage's status.

  • Stacks
  • Suddenly beside one of the steamer's great red stacks there leaped a plume of white steam, and the prolonged deep blast of her whistle drowned all other sounds.

  • Steaks
  • A statistician might compute how many steaks, chops, pots of beer, and of marmalade, an orthodox man will consume in the course of three years.

  • Statues
  • I don't, to take a crude instance, believe in statues that wink; and yet the tendency of the priest is to say that it is a matter of childlike faith; yet to me credulity appears to be one of the worst of sins.

51 words made from the letters scetose

3 letter words made from scetose:

oct, ceo, toe, set, sec, ese, sse, tec, cst, tss, otc, eos, ect, see, tee, eec, sot, sos, est, cot, cos, etc.

5 letter words made from scetose:

coset, teseo, tosee, seseo, coses, costs, toses, sects, estos, stees, scots, oeste, seest.

4 letter words made from scetose:

cots, teso, ecto, coss, sets, cost, toss, scee, sees, seso, scot, cote, scet, sect, eeto, eteo.