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How to spell SCILLS correctly?

If you've misspelled "scills", fear not! The correct term you might be looking for is "skills". Enhance your abilities, broaden your knowledge, and embrace personal growth by honing your skills. Remember, continuous learning and development of skills are crucial for success in any field.

List of suggestions on how to spell scills correctly

  • bills
  • calls He always calls his mother at least once a week.
  • Cells
  • Chills I always get chills down my spine when I watch a horror movie.
  • Culls The farmer culls the weak and sickly animals from his herd to prevent spread of disease.
  • DILLS I added a few slices of dills to my sandwich.
  • fills
  • gills
  • hills The hills were covered in a blanket of freshly fallen snow.
  • ills Watching too much television can result in many ills, such as obesity and poor eyesight.
  • kills My mother doesn't kill animals, she kills bugs.
  • mills The old textile mills have now been converted into trendy apartments.
  • pills I forgot to take my pills this morning, so I need to remember to take them tonight.
  • rills The rain created small rills in the soil.
  • sails The sails on the ship were brightly colored.
  • Scales She weighs herself on the bathroom scales every morning.
  • scowls When someone criticizes his work, he scowls and doesn't speak to them for the rest of the day.
  • sculls
  • scylla Scylla was a terrifying sea monster with six heads in Greek mythology.
  • sells He sells handmade soaps and lotions at the local farmers market.
  • shills The journalists were shills for the company, ensuring positive coverage.
  • Silas "I'm not sure if Silas will come," I said to my mom.
  • silks She carefully folded the intricate silks and placed them neatly in the drawer.
  • sill I am sitting on the window sill, enjoying the view outside.
  • sills I sat on the window sills and watched the sunset.
  • silly I felt silly wearing a clown nose to the party.
  • silos The company had a problem with silos as each department was working independently without any collaboration.
  • SILTS The river delta is formed by the accumulation of sediments and silts.
  • skills I have skills in marketing and public speaking.
  • Skulls She always keeps a few skulls around to decorate her home.
  • Smalls I'm going to sort these items into two piles: bigs and smalls.
  • Smells This dish smells delicious!
  • smiles She always smiles whenever she sees her friends.
  • socials I'm looking forward to attending the virtual socials hosted by my school.
  • Soils The researchers analyzed the composition of soils in different regions.
  • spells I have been practicing my spell casting and now I can perform complex spells.
  • spiels The salesperson delivered the same spiels to each customer who walked into the store.
  • spills The waiter quickly cleaned up the spills on the floor before anyone slipped and got hurt.
  • stalls The car engine stalls when I come to a stop.
  • Stiles
  • stills The photographer captures the beauty of nature in his stunning stills.
  • swells The ocean swells rose ominously as the storm approached.
  • swills I won't drink those swills.
  • swirls The artist created intricate swirls with their paintbrush.
  • tills
  • Wills I am currently working on updating my legal wills.

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