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How to spell SCISER correctly?

If you find yourself accidentally typing "sciser" instead of "scissors", fear not! Auto-correct can be a sneaky companion, but here are some correct suggestions to save the day. "Scissors" is the word you're aiming for, with a double 's' and 'o.' Take a deep breath, double-check and hit that backspace button!

List of suggestions on how to spell sciser correctly

  • Cider I love drinking apple cider during the crisp autumn months.
  • CISes CISes are commonly used by universities for managing their student information systems.
  • Icier The wind blew stronger, making the air even icier.
  • Kaiser The Kaiser ruled over a vast empire in Europe before the start of World War I.
  • Miser The miser never spent any money and lived frugally in order to save every penny.
  • Raiser She organized a charity fundraiser to benefit the local community.
  • Riser The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon, turning the sky into a stunning display of pinks and oranges, as the early riser went out for his morning run.
  • Sailer The sailer carefully navigated the treacherous waters of the open sea.
  • Scissor I used a scissor to cut out a picture from a magazine.
  • Scorer The soccer team's top scorer is expected to lead them to victory in the upcoming match.
  • Seiner Seiner bike broke down halfway through the race, causing him to come in last place.
  • Shier Joe was much shier in social situations compared to his outgoing and adventurous sister.
  • Shiner He had a noticeable shiner under his eye after getting into a fight.
  • Shiver I felt a sudden shiver run down my spine as I bravely entered the haunted house.
  • Sicker She felt sicker every day as the flu virus took hold of her body.
  • Sises
  • Sister My sister and I are going shopping together.
  • Sizer I need to find a sizer for my shoes because they are too tight.
  • Skier The skier gracefully glided down the mountain, effortlessly navigating through the fresh powder.
  • Skiver My coworker is a known skiver, always finding an excuse to leave work early.
  • Slicer I used a sharp slicer to cut the vegetables into thin, even slices.
  • Slider I ordered a juicy cheeseburger with extra bacon and a side of seasoned sliders.
  • Slier The fox is known for being slier than any other animal in the forest.
  • Sliver The sliver of cake was barely enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.
  • Snider I met a talented artist named Snider at the local art gallery.
  • Sniper The sniper peered through the scope, waiting for the perfect moment to take the shot.
  • Spicer Spicer was known for his contentious relationship with the media during his time as press secretary.
  • Spider I saw a spider crawling across the ceiling in my bedroom.
  • Swisher I love watching baseball games with a cold drink and a Swisher Sweet cigar.
  • Weiser I recently visited the beautiful town of Weiser, Idaho for a relaxing weekend getaway.
  • Wiser As I have gained more life experience, I have become wiser in making important decisions.

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