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How to spell SCLAE correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "sclae" instead of "scale", don't worry – it happens to the best of us! Thankfully, autocorrect is here to save the day. Depending on the context, it might suggest "scale", "scale" or "scale", ensuring that your intended word is reflected accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell sclae correctly

  • claw
  • clay The potter used clay to make a vase.
  • clue
  • sale They had a big sale on electronics at the store.
  • scab He got a scab on his knee after falling off the bike.
  • scad
  • scag
  • scalar A scalar quantity only has a magnitude that can be represented by a single number.
  • scale
  • scam She tries to scam me by offering me a job that I can't do.
  • scan
  • scar He has a scar on his arm from when he was in a car accident.
  • scare
  • scat When the cat started to scat, the birds quickly flew away from the tree.
  • silage She was loading the tractor with silage.
  • slag The factory floor was covered in slag from the mining process.
  • slake After my long run, I had to drink a lot of water to slake my thirst.
  • slaw I always top my pulled pork sandwiches with a generous amount of coleslaw, otherwise known as "slaw".
  • slay The knight was able to slay the dragon and save the princess.
  • sloe The sloe berries gave off a tart and bitter taste.
  • slue There was a slue of people waiting outside the store during the Black Friday sale.
  • solar Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.
  • sole Please put your shoes away, you're leaving footprint on the sole!
  • UCLA I'm a UCLA grad.

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