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How to spell SCOLLER correctly?

If "scoller" is the intended word, it seems to be a misspelling of "scroller". As a correct suggestion, one could consider ensuring the "r" is included. A scroller refers to a user interface element that allows scrolling through text or images.

List of suggestions on how to spell scoller correctly

  • caller The caller on the other end of the line had an urgent question for the customer service representative.
  • collar My dog's collar is personalized with his name and my phone number.
  • collier The captain ordered the collier to be loaded with coal for the voyage.
  • cooler I need to buy a new cooler for our next camping trip.
  • scalier The skin of the lizard becomes scalier as it grows older.
  • scalper The scalper was not happy with the price the man was asking for the ticket.
  • schiller He is the author of Friedrich Schiller's plays.
  • scoffer The scoffer at the party spent the whole night criticizing everything and everyone.
  • scooter I love going on my scooter around the block.
  • scorer The team's top scorer was injured and unable to play in the championship game.
  • scorner Don't be such a scorner; there's no need to be so critical.
  • scourer I use a scourer to clean my windows.
  • scouter The scouter was able to identify the potential of the young athlete.
  • Scowled He scowled at me when I told him the bad news.
  • Sculled The rower sculled the boat upstream.
  • sculler The sculler glided smoothly through the water, propelling the boat with each stroke of the oars.
  • scullers The team of scullers was very impressive.
  • scullery The scullery was filled with dirty dishes and pots.
  • seller The seller was happy to accept my offer on the house.
  • smaller The smaller pencil is easier to hold than the larger one.
  • speller The word "speller" is spelled S-P-E-L-L-E-R.
  • spoiler I'm not going to tell you what happens next because that would be a spoiler.
  • Stiller Ben Stiller starred in the movie "Zoolander".

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