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How to spell SCOLLING correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "scolling" instead of "scrolling", fret not! Auto-correct can be a tricky thing. To provide the correct spelling, think of the act of scrolling through a webpage or document. Remember to double-check your typing, and "scrolling" will flow effortlessly from your fingers in no time.

List of suggestions on how to spell scolling correctly

  • calling I can hear my calling to become a writer.
  • Coaling The coaling of the steamship took longer than expected due to the rough waves.
  • coiling
  • Collin Collin is running late for his meeting.
  • cooling The air conditioning unit is responsible for cooling down the room during hot summer days.
  • cowling The plane's cowling was damaged during takeoff.
  • Culling The park officials announced that they would be culling the deer population in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.
  • scaling Scaling is the process of adjusting the size of a system or infrastructure to meet changing demands.
  • schooling After completing his schooling, he took a job as a high school teacher.
  • scolding My mother was scolding me for coming home late.
  • scowling She entered the room scowling, clearly displeased with the situation.
  • scrolling
  • sculling She spent her morning sculling on the lake.
  • selling I am selling my old car to make money for a new one.
  • soiling The child kept soiling his clothes with food stains.
  • Soling The Soling class sailboat is known for its stability and maneuverability in high winds.
  • soloing During the guitar soloing in the concert, the crowd roared with excitement.

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