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How to spell SCOURSE correctly?

If you meant "scourse" instead of "source", here are some corrected suggestions. It could be "course", referring to a class or path of study. Alternatively, it might be "resource", indicating a helpful tool or reference. Lastly, it could be "discourse", representing a discussion or conversation. Double-check the context to choose the correct alternative.

List of suggestions on how to spell scourse correctly

  • coarse The sand on the beach was very coarse and rough, making it difficult to walk on.
  • course I have signed up for a course in programming.
  • courser The courser was grazing and oblivious to our intrusion.
  • courses I'm taking two online courses this semester.
  • curse The witch put a curse on the prince, turning him into a frightful beast.
  • discourse The discourse in the classroom was lively and engaging.
  • recourse If the company does not comply with the contract, we will be left with no other recourse but to take legal action.
  • score His best score ever was 83.
  • scour I need to scour the kitchen to find the missing ingredient.
  • scourer I need to scourer the kitchen before the party.
  • scourge The scourge of the earth was unleashed.
  • scourges The people had suffered from the scourges of famine and diseases for many years before help finally arrived.
  • scours He scours the city for clues to find out who robbed the store.
  • scouts The scouts were excited to earn their new badges.
  • source The scientists are trying to find the source of the leak.
  • Sours The milk has not expired yet, but it sours very quickly in this heat.
  • souse My mom is such a souse.
  • spouse My spouse is working late tonight.

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