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How to spell SEAED correctly?

If you intended to write "seaed", it's likely you were aiming for the word "seed". "Seed" refers to the small, dormant unit that grows into a plant when provided with favorable conditions. Double-check spellings and consider using tools like auto-correct or proofreading to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell seaed correctly

  • Ceased The rain ceased as soon as the sun came out.
  • eased The doctor eased my pain with a shot of medication.
  • leased I have leased my apartment to my friend for a year.
  • sad The news of her friend's passing made her feel sad.
  • said
  • sand
  • sated My stomach was feeling a bit sated when I finished my meal.
  • saved He saved up enough money to buy a new car.
  • sawed With a steady hand, he sawed through the thick branch.
  • scad The fish swam away when I reached for it, and I slammed my hand into the surface of the pool, scad
  • sea The sea was a deep blue color.
  • seabed The oceanographers studied the creatures living on the seabed using a remotely operated vehicle.
  • sealed The document was sealed with a wax seal.
  • seamed The shirt was made of seamed fabric.
  • sear
  • seared The steak was seared on the outside and still slightly pink in the center.
  • seat I want to sit in the seat in front of you.
  • seated I was seated at the front of the class, eager to learn.
  • SEATO SEATO was a defensive alliance formed in Southeast Asia in 1954.
  • seaweed The seaweed is beginning to wash up on the shore, indicating a change in ocean currents.
  • secede
  • seder My grandmother always has a seder at the Passover meal.
  • see
  • seed I planted a seed in the ground, hoping it would grow into a beautiful plant.
  • seeded The farmer seeded the entire field with corn for a bountiful harvest.
  • Seeds The seeds inside the fruit are what will grow the tree.
  • seedy The seedy part of town is not safe at night.
  • Seemed I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • seeped She seeped into his life and didn't want to leave.
  • seer She is a seer, and she prophecies the future.
  • segued The interview segued smoothly into a question about her experience as a touring musician.
  • seined The fisherman seined for salmon in the river.
  • seized Police seized the suspect's weapons.
  • send I will send you an email to confirm our meeting time.
  • Served The waiter served us with a smile on his face.
  • seward Seward's Folly was the purchase of Alaska by the United States from Russia.
  • sewed She sewed the buttons on her blouse.
  • sexed I have to take my sexed to the vet on Monday.
  • sieved The bedspread had been sieved through several times and was very dusty.
  • sled We took the sled down a steep hill.
  • Snead Sam Snead was a famous professional golfer.
  • soaked The heavy rain soaked through my clothes and into my skin.
  • Soaped I'm going to take a soaped bath.
  • Soared The bird soared high into the sky, gliding effortlessly on the warm thermals.
  • Sped The car sped along the highway, trying to reach its destination before sunset.
  • speed I need to increase my speed to finish this project on time.
  • stead
  • steed The horse was a sturdy and reliable steed.
  • Sued The company was sued for a breach of contract.
  • SWED
  • teased The boys teased him mercilessly about his new haircut.

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