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How to spell SEECE correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "seece" instead of "cease", there's no need to panic. Autocorrect may have let you down, but here's a simple correction. Replace "seece" with "cease", which means to stop or come to an end.

List of suggestions on how to spell seece correctly

  • deice I need to deice the snow on my driveway.
  • deuce After winning the first set, the player fell behind and found themselves at deuce multiple times.
  • Geese Every morning, I watch the geese flying overhead on their way to the nearby pond.
  • niece My niece is coming to visit us next week.
  • peace I hope to achieve peace in my life by letting go of negative emotions.
  • piece
  • Reese I would like to try the Reese's peanut butter cups.
  • sauce I poured some sauce over my pasta.
  • scene The car crash scene was chaotic with police officers, paramedics, and onlookers rushing around.
  • seance We held a seance to try and contact our ancestors.
  • sec I will wait for one sec while you finish your call.
  • secede
  • SECS
  • SECY
  • sedge The pond was covered in sedge.
  • seduce He was trying to seduce her.
  • see I like to see movies on Fridays.
  • seed She planted a seed in the ground and watched it grow.
  • seeder The farmer used his new seeder to plant the corn.
  • Seeds I planted the seeds in the garden and waited for them to grow.
  • seedy This downtown area is seedy.
  • seek
  • seeker The seeker is always on the lookout for new information.
  • seeks Mom seeks help from her friends to find the best restaurants in town.
  • seem
  • seems
  • seen
  • seep The water continued to seep through the cracks in the old pipe.
  • seeps Water seeps through the cracks in the roof when it rains heavily.
  • seer A seer is a person who is able to see things that other people cannot.
  • SEERS The SEERS were known for their ability to see into the future.
  • sees
  • seethe
  • segue After discussing her childhood, she tried to segue the conversation to her current job.
  • seine She kept a seINE of beauty in her room.
  • seize I was about to seize her when she ran away.
  • sense
  • sere The sere tree provides shade during the hot summer days.
  • serge The jacket was made with a high-quality serge fabric.
  • serve I will serve the food on the table.
  • siege A siege is an armed campaign conducted by a besieging force to compel the surrender of a defended city or fortress by imposing a
  • sieve I don't trust him; he seems to be a little bit of a 'sieve.
  • Since Since you've been away, I've been able to clean up my closet.
  • slice I prefer to use a knife instead of a fork to slice my steak.
  • sneeze A sneeze sometimes results from a cold.
  • space I need more space in my room to put my new dresser.
  • specie specie refers to a different kind of plant or animals
  • spice I like to add a little spice to my meals to make them more flavorful.
  • suede I love the look of suede jackets but they are difficult to clean.

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