What is the correct spelling for SEEIF?

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Correct spelling for SEEIF

We think the word seeif is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for seeif

  • beef "Because there is some nice cold beef left," said the girl, glancing into the room.
  • fee "I shall have to ask you to give me the odd two hundred and fifty," Peter said, "as that is my legal fee."
  • fief I tell ye, said Henry, bringing his hard fist down upon the oaken table, Pope or no Pope, Emperor or no Emperor, I will be King of England, and this land shall be fief to no King upon earth.
  • lief If I lived there, I would as lief be a fish as a horse.
  • reef This passage and the Barrier Reef are probably two of the most dangerous places in the world, and more vessels have been wrecked on that bit of coast between the southern end of the Barrier Reef and the Indian Ocean side of Torres Straits than on any similar stretch of coast-line anywhere.
  • safe "That makes me feel safe.
  • save Then save this American.
  • se Sarvent, Marse Jack," said he, dropping his hat upon the ground and extending a hand to each of the boys.
  • sea Do you know that Paulie and I have never been to the sea?
  • see So there, I've come, you see.
  • seed It is the time when the sementeras to be used as seed beds for rice are put in condition, the earth being turned three different times.
  • seedy His music publisher met him in the streets of Paris, wearing a wretched old hat and looking very seedy.
  • seeing Louie broke out, suddenly seeing.
  • seek He returned, and I went to seek you myself.
  • seem It didn't seem to.
  • seen He had seen or heard nothing of her, he said.
  • seep Green Canyon, block 185 is known as Bush Hill and is a well known cold seep with a wide array of tube worms.
  • seer The story is related of a seer who is stated to have resided in the neighbourhood of Philadelphia, in America.
  • self Year ago Ray would have sneered at fellow's going to church, an' now he's doin' it-self.
  • semi The little burst of temper gave way to a semi-humorous look of feigned sternness.
  • sepia She followed the direction of his eyes, and saw long, clawlike marks on the floor, radiating from the sepia.
  • sere There is not a particle of sere foliage to be seen, and it has, moreover, a glossy appearance, whence the specific name.
  • serf Gower might complain without too poetical exaggeration that the vortex of war swept away not only the serf from his plough but the very priest from his altar; yet even Chaucer's Poor Parson may well have conceded that, if we must have an army at all, we might as well have it as efficient and as truly national as possible.
  • serif Bitstream Charter, a serif typeface designed for Bitstream Inc.
  • serve Don't neglect them when they can no longer serve you.
  • server A deliberate form of NTP server abuse came to note at the end of 2013, when NTP servers were used as part of amplification denial-of-service attacks.
  • servo The Bondage of the Will: A New Translation of De Servo Arbitrio (1525), Martin Luthers Reply to Erasmus of Rotterdam.
  • seven I'm not thirty-seven yet."
  • sever I fear it is not of me but of yourself you are thinking, when you ask me to sever, at once and for ever, my connection with a people who, you say, can only degrade me.
  • sew She went and sat down in a corner, and began to sew.
  • sheaf Day by day we sailed onwards, and if the days wuz beautiful, the nights wuz heavenly, lit by the glowin' moon that seemed almost like another sun, only softer and mellerer lookin'; and the lustrous stars of the tropics seemed to flash and glitter jest over our head almost as if we could reach up and gather 'em in our hands into a sheaf of light.
  • si I couldn't deny it, and it kinder danted me for a minute how I wuz goin' to smooth that over, but concluded that as in every other emergency in life, the plain truth wuz the best, and I sez in a real amiable voice: "Si Ann, there is two sides to that jest as there is to every national and neighborhood quarrel.
  • sieve What means the sieve?
  • sift The trees were flaming with color, and the leaves had begun to sift down.
  • sir What is that to you, sir?
  • siva She is Siva, the destroyer.
  • skiff Is my skiff ready?
  • sniff When this was pushed in on the bear he would give a sniff and a growl and come out in a hurry.
  • sofa "Something" had moved under the sofa!
  • sofia Already Hapsburg influence was supreme at Bukharest, Sofia, and in Macedonian affairs.
  • spiff
  • sse
  • stiff
  • sue
  • surf
  • If He's selfish, if you like!"
  • Sufi
  • Soever What is called a faithful translation of these Odes cannot, therefore, be interesting to unlearned Lovers of Verse, how alive soever they may be to poetic beauty.
  • Leif About the year 1000, Leif, the son of Erik, an early colonist of Greenland, determined to conduct an expedition in search of the new lands which had been seen on the accidental voyage of Bjarni.
  • Sergei ATAKA (Attack Coalition) (coalition of parties headed by the Attack National Union); Attack National Union [Volen SIDEROV]; Bulgarian Agrarian National Union-People's Union or BANU [Anastasia MOZER]; Bulgarian New Democracy [Borislav RALCHEV]; Bulgarian People's Union or BPU (coalition of UFD, IMRO, and BANU); Bulgarian Socialist Party or BSP [ Sergei STANISHEV]; Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria or GERB [Tsvetan TSVETANOV]; Coalition for Bulgaria or CfB (coalition of parties dominated by BSP) [ Sergei STANISHEV]; Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria or DSB [Ivan KOSTOV]; Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization or IMRO [Krasimir KARAKACHANOV]; Movement for Rights and Freedoms or MRF [Ahmed DOGAN]; National Movement for Stability and Progress or NMSS [Simeon SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA] (formerly National Movement Simeon II or NMS2); New Time [Emil KOSHLUKOV]; Union of Democratic Forces or UDF [Petar STOYANOV]; Union of Free Democrats or UFD [Stefan SOFIYANSKI]; United Democratic Forces or UtDF (a coalition of center-right parties dominated by UDF)
  • Fees Susannah had need to support her, as well as herself, by the small fees which her day-scholars could afford.
  • serfs He had delivered his own countrymen from the bonds of ecclesiastical tyranny, and had plead for the victims of a hellish traffic on the shores of Africa, for the swarthy serfs of British cupidity on the banks of the Ganges, for the persecuted Jews of ancient Damascus, and for the stricken slaves in the isles of the Caribbean Sea and in the distant States of America.
  • sees Why, you sees, Captain, your time is come, and you can't shilly-shally any longer.
  • SF Silver, criticising A Voyage to Arcturus on SF Site, observes that for a novel it has little plot or characterisation, and gives no motives for the actions taken by the characters.
  • SCI -Milne-Edwards, Ann. Sci. Nat., Zoologie, ser. 6, vol. 12, 1881; pl. 12, figs.
  • SPF International organization participation: AsDB, ESCAP (associate), FAO, ICAO, ICFTU, IFAD, Intelsat (nonsignatory user), IOC, OPCW, Sparteca, SPC, SPF, UNESCO, WHO, WMO
  • SUI
  • CERF Bennett Cerf was born on May 25, 1898, in Manhattan, New York, to a Jewish family of Alsatian and German origin.
  • SEERS Had we any need Of seers to tell this was Odysseus' deed?

10 words made from the letters seeif

3 letter words made from seeif:

fee, sif, fes, ies, see, ese.

4 letter words made from seeif:

5 letter words made from seeif:

seife, seeif.

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