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How to spell SEETTING correctly?

If "seetting" is the intended word, it might refer to a setting on a device. However, if it is a misspelling of "setting", possible correct suggestions could be using spell check, proofreading or sounding out the word to identify the correct spelling. Alternatively, using a dictionary or asking a colleague for assistance could also help correct the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell seetting correctly

  • Besetting One's besetting fear can sometimes prevent them from living life to the fullest.
  • betting
  • getting
  • jetting The high-speed train was jetting through the tunnel.
  • letting I made the mistake of letting my cat into the kitchen when I was baking a cake.
  • meeting
  • netting
  • petting I love petting my cat, it always helps me relax.
  • resetting I will be resetting my password to ensure the security of my account.
  • scatting She loves scatting to jazz music in her free time.
  • Scenting I can detect a grapefruit scenting the room.
  • seating The seating in the conference room was arranged in a U-shape to encourage more interaction between attendees.
  • sedating The medicine was sedating, and I felt very sleepy.
  • Seeding Seeding the garden with the best quality seeds will yield the best results.
  • seedling I carefully transplanted the small seedling into a larger pot.
  • seeing
  • seeking I am seeking guidance from my mentor.
  • seeming Her smile was seeming, but her eyes told a different story.
  • seeping The water was seeping through the cracks in the foundation.
  • seething He was seething with anger after his boss reprimanded him unfairly in front of the entire team.
  • setting The setting of the novel was an isolated island.
  • settings I need to adjust the settings on my computer to improve performance.
  • settling It is settling to be home again.
  • sheeting I need some sheeting to cover the furniture.
  • sitting I am sitting at my desk, typing up this sentence.
  • Sleeting The freezing rain soon turned to sleeting, making the roads treacherous to drive on.
  • Slitting After the Slitting, another lab technician washes the dish with soap and water.
  • Slotting I was exceptionally lucky that my slotting went well and the deal was done in minutes.
  • Spatting I could hear my neighbors spatting loudly through the thin walls of our apartment building.
  • spitting The angry man was spitting insults at the person who cut him off in traffic.
  • spotting I enjoy birdwatching and spotting rare species that I've never seen before.
  • Stetting
  • swatting The swatting incident caused widespread panic across the US.
  • sweating I can't believe she's sweating like that!
  • vetting The company has a vetting process in place to ensure that all new employees are qualified.
  • wetting She put on the wetting suit to surf in the ocean.

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