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How to spell SEEVE correctly?

If you meant to type "seeve" but got it wrong, there are a couple of possible correct suggestions. If you meant "sieve", it refers to a device used for straining liquids or sifting dry ingredients. Alternatively, if you meant "sleeve", it refers to the part of a garment that covers the arm. Double-checking your spelling can help avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell seeve correctly

  • eve On the eve of his wedding, he had second thoughts about getting married.
  • peeve
  • reeve The reeve was a town official who ran the local government.
  • save
  • see
  • seer The seer predicted that the kingdom would fall if the prince did not heed his warning.
  • serve
  • Served
  • server I'm going to install a server on my new computer.
  • serves The waiter serves food and drinks to the customers.
  • servo The servo motors are responsible for controlling the movement of the arms.
  • seven It is seven days until the weekend.
  • sever
  • severe I feel severe pain all over my body.
  • sieve I tried to sieve the egg white but the chiildren's shouting and stomping made it difficult.
  • sieved Sieved the flour, sugar, and salt together before adding the eggs.
  • sieves The chef used a set of sieves to sift the flour and remove any lumps.
  • sleeve She wore a long, white sleeve on her arm.
  • soave The singer's voice was so clear and soave that it transported the audience to another world.
  • Soever I will do whatever I please, whenever and soever I please.
  • Steve Steve was a great basketball coach.
  • Stevie Stevie Wonder is a legendary musician known for his soulful voice and hit songs.
  • suave She has a suave manner which endears her to everyone she meets.
  • swerve

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