What is the correct spelling for SEHILA?

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Correct spelling for SEHILA

We think the word sehila is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sehila

  • cedilla The convention used for these marks is: Macron (straight line over letter) [=x] Umlaut (2 dots over letter) [:x] Grave accent [`x] Acute accent ['x] Circumflex [^x] Breve (u-shaped symbol over letter) [)x] Cedilla [,x] ]
  • hill They climbed the Grey Hill.
  • hula Finally, the king had always in his service the Hula, who, like the buffoon or jester of the French kings, must amuse his majesty by mimicry or dancing.
  • sahib He replied almost under his breath: "Mem-sahib, it was in the still hour of the night.
  • sail T. sail England August first.
  • scholar In this I agree entirely with the learned Hebrew scholar D'Olivet.
  • scylla Poor Cicely felt "'twixt Scylla and Charybdis".
  • seal Remove from the steamer, fill to overflowing with boiling syrup, and seal at once.
  • secular Gambetta recognised his worth and made him Minister of Public Instruction, in which capacity he organised French education on a Secular basis.
  • sell 15,649. Did you sell them in Lerwick?
  • senile The senile eyeballs, so lately parched by fear, swam in a moisture not of avarice.
  • seoul He was the new Postmaster General, and a building now being erected in Seoul for a new post-office was to mark the entry of Korea into the world's postal service.
  • sepal Dendrobium nobile Cooksoni, then, has white tips to petal and sepal; the crimson spot keeps its place; and the inside of the flower is deep red-an inversion of the usual colouring.
  • serial The most famous of them was his Confessions of an English Opium Eater, published as a serial in the London Magazine, in 1821. He had begun to take opium, as a cure for the toothache, when a student at Oxford, where he resided from 1803 to 1808. By 1816 he had risen to eight thousand drops of laudanum a day.
  • servile The bookkeeper was a servile echo with a character and a face of putty.
  • seville The man who came a second time to the Cafe Carmona in the Calle Velasquez in Seville must have known this; else the politely surprised looks, the furtive glances, the whisperings that met his first visit would have sent him to some other house of mild entertainment.
  • sill He curled himself up upon the deep window sill while Pendleton went back to his chair and the tobacco.
  • silo A thin quarter moon rising over the pine trees gave dim shape to the barn and silo.
  • similar 14,440. You have also produced a similar memorandum with regard to the s.
  • skill He travelled in what was known as a light canoe, manned with picked boatmen famous for speed, skill and endurance; they were off at daylight or earlier, and did not camp before nightfall.
  • smile I grudged her that smile, as I would have done to no one else.
  • snail If Goliath had crept into a snail-shell, David would have cracked the Philistine with his foot.
  • social 82; literary influence, 83, 84; social influence, 84, 85; religious influence, 85; the Geneva, iv.
  • soil Our own armies were on Mexican soil.
  • spill I never got over seeing Hollis spill sidewise out of that saddle.
  • spoil "Papa wouldn't like me to spoil my chances of knowing the right people with any foolishness like this.
  • stella Had they robbed him of his little Stella?
  • stile At the stile he paused for several minutes and surveyed the landscape, but his thoughts all the time were somewhere else.
  • still 14,990. The account for 1870 in the book is still unsettled?
  • sulla Crassus, on being sent into the country of the Marsi to raise troops, asked for a guard, because the road lay through a tract which was occupied by the enemy; Sulla replied to him in passion and with vehemence, "I give thee as guards thy father, thy brother, thy friends, thy kinsmen, who were cut off illegally and wrongfully, and whose murderers I am now pursuing."
  • swahili Languages: Kirundi (official), French (official), Swahili (along Lake Tanganyika and in the Bujumbura area)
  • swill Some of them would stuff to the verge of apoplexy, then roll down-stairs, and swill whisky-and-water by the tumblerful.
  • Cecil Cecil handed him his "pasteboard."
  • Cecilia And in that hope shall I also have the good-wishes of the father of Cecilia Travers?"
  • Celia Uncle Justus took Edna and Celia home that evening, and if he did not enjoy his visit it was not the fault of the girls.
  • Sheila Sheila Corey had stopped at a safe distance; now she grabbed at her helpers, and swung them with her.
  • Sybil Sybil, enjoying the calm of St. James's Park on a summer morning, read the speech with emotion, and while she still held the paper the orator himself stood before her.
  • Sahel Rais Ali did "clap on all sail," steered his friend through the brightly-lighted grounds and laughing throng of revellers, through numerous lanes between hedges of aloes and prickly pear, over the Sahel hills, and away to the northward, until they reached the neighbourhood of Pointe Pescade, which lay about three and a half miles on the other side of the town.

95 words made from the letters sehila

5 letter words made from sehila:

ilhae, hasli, elahi, salie, slahi, leish, shale, islah, heals, hiles, elash, ahles, ilhas, hisel, asleh, hilsa, hails, hales, ailes, alesi, sahle, hasel, leash, haise, shali, saleh, elsah, halis, hasle, hisle, sahli, aisle, heils, salei, eisha.

3 letter words made from sehila:

als, sha, ash, ail, sea, ale, sle, hie, lei, lie, lah, ali, ies, lea, asl, hel.

4 letter words made from sehila:

ilah, eash, ilha, sial, siah, ashe, hail, seli, siha, sihl, heil, siel, heal, lies, shia, esla, haei, alih, sale, ihle, hela, sail, slah, lash, ieah, hale, seal, sahi, salh, laie, lieh, elia, lesh, hael, sieh, seha, aleh, elhi, isle.

6 letter words made from sehila:

saheli, hilsea, helias, salehi, hailes.

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