Correct spelling for SELFE

We think the word selfe is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for selfe

  • delve The rest follows naturally; it is the fangs that dig, delve and extract.
  • elf But the Rymour does not concern us; the tale of a mortal's visit to elf-land would have been told of some one, whether Thomas or another; he was a prophet, and prophets needed explanation.
  • helve Weapon shapely, naked, wan, Head from the mother's bowels drawn, Wooded flesh and metal bone, limb only one and lip only one, Gray-blue leaf by red-heat grown, helve produced from a little seed sown Resting the grass amid and upon, To be lean'd and to lean on.
  • pelf He discovers that to be a dull, greedy, narrow-minded money-grubber is not the way to make money on a large scale; for though greed may suffice to turn tens into hundreds and even hundreds into thousands, to turn thousands into hundreds of thousands requires magnanimity and a will to power rather than to pelf.
  • safe I wish to gudeness I wes safe in ma ain hoose."
  • sale How patient the old fisherman must be to have stood through innumerable years and not yet have had a sale.
  • salve I could but think that his spirits had reached such an ebb that nothing save the contemplation of the foulest depths might salve his misery.
  • salver But what was maist extraordinary of all, he wore a pair o' braw white gloves during the whole time o' dinner and when they came to tak' away the cloth, he drew them off with a great air, and threw them into the middle of it, and then, leisurely taking anither pair off a silver salver which his ain man presented, he pat them on for dessert.
  • salvo Then came that salvo again-twelve reports in quick succession-a sheaf of shells whining overhead like so many puppies-burst after burst in the sky, some short, some far past him-you would swear they must have gone through him-one right over him.
  • self Was that Dodo and if so where had been the present self all that tempestuous time?
  • sell The tea-house does not sell tea alone.
  • seller If one of these buys a pair of shoes from the Chamar the seller asks no indiscreet questions; but he will not mend the pair as he would for a man of higher caste.
  • selma Selma Cross sank back into a chair.
  • serf When the nobles tried to get Paul's assent to more open arrangements for selling serfs apart from the soil, he utterly refused; and when they overtasked their human chattels Paul made a law that no serf should be required to give more than three days in the week to the tillage of his master's domain.
  • serve "To serve you, if it be in my power.
  • shelf The shelf below the desk is also modern.
  • shelve Cavour found all sorts of excuses for protracting the date of the official handing over of those provinces, and this helped him in his dealings with the Emperor, whom he compelled to shelve a particularly obnoxious project of introducing Neapolitan troops into the Roman States.
  • silva Place yourself within the circumscription of the work, breathe its atmosphere, and you will see that Don Silva is portrayed with a delicacy to which English story-tellers, whether in prose or verse, have not accustomed us.
  • silver I am going to give back the silver and the slippers.
  • slav That was not why I was in Luttach, but for the purpose of collecting plants, butterflies, and beetles, which I resolved to begin to do the next morning, oblivious of all love affairs, German or Slav.
  • sleeve "There's a real midshipman," whispered Dan, plucking at Dave's sleeve.
  • sloe John Bagster proved that he had been employed by Malins and Proctor, to gather sloe and white-thorn leaves: they were taken to Jones's house, and from thence to Malins' coffee-roasting premises; witness received two-pence per pound for them; he saw the manufacturing going on, but did not know much about it: witness saw the leaves on sheets of copper, in Goldstone-street.
  • slue "You don't need to say anything about this to Slue Foot," cautioned the boy.
  • sole We should be entirely engrossed in doing good; justice should be our sole preoccupation.
  • solve In fact, I hope you'll go back with me and help me solve the riddle.
  • solver Abaqus/CAE is capable of pre-processing, post-processing, and monitoring the processing stage of the solver; however, the first stage can also be done by other compatible CAD software, or even a text editor.
  • sulfa It has therefore been argued that the terms 'sulfonamide allergy' or 'sulfa allergy are misleading, and should be replaced by a reference to a specific drug (e.
  • sulfur There was the odor of rank vegetation, and, very faintly, the odor of sulfur from the hot springs.
  • sylph With a form so perfect-a form a sylph might have envied-a voice sweeter than the Singing Fountain of Arabia, hands and feet the most perfectly beautiful the sun ever shone on, it was simply a moral and physical impossibility that they could be joined to a repulsive face.
  • wolfe Wolfe was standing unobserved near Lord Ulswater while the latter thus instructed his proposed second.
  • Selves When this was done wee packed up our treasure, which we committed to the sepulchre to keepe, and got out of the bounds of Platea, thus thinking with our selves, that there was more fidelity amongst the dead than amongst the living, by reason that our preyes were so surely kept in the sepulchre.
  • Selim According to rank, they consist of Bombay, Mabruki Burton, Asmani the guide, Chowpereh, Ulimengo, Khamisi, Ambari, Jumah, Ferajji the cook, Maganga the Mnyamwezi, Selim the Arab boy, and youthful Kalulu a gunbearer.
  • Sylvie Lewis Carroll's "Bruno's Revenge," the story which was the beginning of Sylvie and Bruno, is perfect in its way.
  • sells This species of fly-flap is greatly valued in Soudan, where it sells at a high price.

20 words made from the letters selfe

3 letter words made from selfe:

elf, see, eel, fes, lee, ese, sle, fee.

4 letter words made from selfe:

5 letter words made from selfe:

selfe, flees, feels, lefse.

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