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How to spell SELLED correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "selled", here are some correct alternatives to consider: "sold", "disposed", "offered", "transferred" or "exchanged". Remember to consult a reliable dictionary or utilize spelling and grammar checking tools to ensure accurate and error-free writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell selled correctly

  • -celled
  • Belled The cat belled at the sight of the toy mouse.
  • Celled The plant was made up of multiple celled structures.
  • felled
  • gelled Prior to eating the ice cream, it was gelled with a mixture of sugar and cornstarch.
  • jelled After adding cornstarch to the saucepan, the liquid quickly jelled into a thick gravy.
  • Sailed
  • Sallied She sallied forth boldly into the unknown, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.
  • Sculled The rower sculled the boat expertly through the water.
  • sealed I have a sealed envelope with my drawing inside.
  • seed I planted a seed and now a beautiful flower is growing.
  • sell
  • seller The seller of the house was eager to finalize the purchase agreement.
  • settled After living in different cities and countries, I finally settled in this small town where I feel at home.
  • shelled The farmer shelled the peanuts before packing them for transport.
  • skilled She is a skilled baker and can make delicious cakes and pastries in no time.
  • sled I prefer to ride in my sled rather than on the snowmobile.
  • Slued He was slued off his bike while crossing the street.
  • Smelled I smelled the fresh baked cookies as soon as I walked through the door.
  • soiled I feel soiled after walkingthrough the filth on the floor.
  • soled The shoes were soled with extra grip for better traction.
  • soloed The guitarist soloed beautifully during the concert.
  • spelled
  • Spilled I spilled my coffee all over the rug.
  • Stalled
  • Steeled The soldier had steeled himself for the ordeal.
  • Stilled The stream was stilled by the heavy stone.
  • sullied She was sullied by his reputation.
  • swelled The river swelled after a heavy rain.
  • Swilled After a night of heavy drinking, she felt like she needed to swilled some Gatorade to get her hydrated.
  • Welled The welled up emotion was apparent in her voice.
  • yelled She yelled for help, but nobody came.

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