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How to spell SENSION correctly?

If you meant to type "sensation" but misspelled it as "sension", here are some correct suggestions: "sensation", "session" or "season". These words have different meanings, so choose the one that fits your intended context. Double-check your spelling to convey the right message accurately!

List of suggestions on how to spell sension correctly

  • ascension The ascension of the hot air balloon into the sky was a sight to behold.
  • cession
  • mansion The multi-million-dollar mansion was the envy of the entire neighborhood.
  • mention She didn't want to mention her ex-boyfriend's name again.
  • pension My grandfather receives a monthly pension from the government after working for over 30 years in the military.
  • scansion The scansion of the poem revealed its iambic pentameter rhythm.
  • section I need to go to the grocery store's dairy section to buy milk.
  • sensation The chocolate cake was a sensation at the party, with everyone asking for seconds.
  • sensing The robot was sensing its environment to avoid obstacles.
  • session I have a yoga session scheduled for this afternoon to help me relax.
  • suasion The president's eloquent oratory was suasion at its best.
  • tension The nervous tension was palpable in the air.

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