Correct spelling for SENTECNING

We think the word sentecning is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for sentecning

  • Stocking(Definition of stocking)
  • He used to sit on his stoop in his stocking feet, even on sundays when all the neighborhood was going by to church,-very shocking to milly's sense of propriety.

  • Sanctioning(Definition of sanctioning)
  • It was an outrage upon common sense, they said, that the ghent treaty could be tortured into sanctioning the placards and the inquisition, evils which that sacred instrument had been expressly intended to crush.

  • Sentencing
  • Sauntering(Definition of Sauntering)
  • Centring
  • -the screw machine is a special form of lathe in which the work is cut direct from the bar, without the intervention of forging operations, and it follows therefore that the bar must be large enough in diameter to suit the largest diameter of the work, the steps or sections of smaller diameter being turned down from the full size of the bar. the advantages of the screw machine are, that the work requires no centring since it is held in a chuck, that forging operations are dispensed with, that any number of pieces may be made of uniform dimensions without any measuring operations save those necessary when adjusting the tool for the first piece, and that it does not require skilled labor to operate the machine after the tools are once set.

  • Snacking
  • Smartening
  • Staining(Definition of staining)
  • That trick of staining the fishes' scales of a delicate pink is quite peculiar to china.

  • Scenting
  • Stunning(Definition of stunning)
  • He placed his hands upon his ears to shut out the stunning report.

  • Softening(Definition of softening)
  • A mother's sickness cost a wage-earning daughter nearly $3000; softening of the brain was feared; after six years of suffering and unnecessary expense, physical examination disclosed an easily removable cause, and for two years she has contributed to the family income instead of exhausting it.

  • Steepening(Definition of Steepening)
  • Contemning
  • He found himself at eighteen far adrift from all guidance and counsel, shunning religion because he saw that the teachings of christ were quite unadapted for the world he had to live in, scornful of and contemning his teachers for what seemed to him hypocrisy.

  • Sending(Definition of sending)
  • You go straight from point to point, my sending from the gods!

  • Sweetening(Definition of sweetening)
  • We learnt that it is used by the icelanders for sweetening coffee, having the double advantage of being pure sugar, and a hard substance resisting the damp which the snow engenders.

  • Sneaking(Definition of sneaking)
  • You've tied me, you sneaking animal without shame!

  • Sickening(Definition of sickening)
  • It is a sickening business, but some good may come out of it yet.

  • Stoning
  • Both punished adultery with stoning to death.

  • Intoning(Definition of Intoning)
  • Entwining
  • He heard the sound that the bamboos make-the little click-click of the stems in the wind-the soft rustle and stir of many leafy tendrils entwining and touching together, and the whisper of the wind over the jungle grass.

  • Saddening
  • The shadows which they cast over the water, at the extreme point of the lake, produced the effect of half darkness, which, in conjunction with the silence prevailing in that dismal solitude, gave it an aspect so dreary and saddening, as to produce in us most painful feelings; each of us as it were, struck with terror, kept his thoughts to himself, and no one spoke.

  • Stacking(Definition of Stacking)
  • No back-trackin', 'cause I ain't slackin', So listen to the lines I'm stackin'!

    – If I Give You My Number by ant and dec
  • Interning
  • Centering(Definition of centering)
  • Woman almost invariably has been accorded a secondary place, the male has been held to be the primary and essential half of life, all things, as it were, centering around him, while the female, though necessary to the continuance of the race, has been regarded as otherwise unimportant-in fact, a mere accessory to the male.

  • Snicking
  • Sentence(Definition of sentence)
  • Still the sentence is the same in both cases.

  • Sticking(Definition of sticking)
  • It was only the dread of such a catastrophe that brought him to the "sticking-point" of his resolution.

220 words made from the letters sentecning

4 letter words made from sentecning:

ings, engi, nine, cenn, nece, ning, seen, ices, tsen, inst, scen, iten, geci, tecn, egis, gent, nige, cing, nein, nits, gene, sect, cent, nets, cite, snit, icse, gets, eien, sent, sege, inec, egin, gist, cene, teen, site, sieg, inns, ting, ngee, nget, scet, egen, sing, sign, gens, segi, nice, ties, sein, gien, scee, sinn, enic, nest, inge, tine, sine, sene.

5 letter words made from sentecning:

icest, cient, tsien, geens, gente, eines, citee, nenes, ctene, tines, sence, stenn, genic, ngsit, tenge, scien, segni, sient, inese, enten, getin, niece, gines, ingen, geits, teens, genet, seein, stene, neige, senin, neset, stege, niten, stice, siete, niese, sengi, segen, steeg, genis, stieg, cnnsi, scent, tsine, entin, tsing, cense, sinne, tence, negin, tiens, cente, senti, eigen, enset, scene, sente, tenis, ennie, seing, seige, cseti, tices, tengi, tense, singe, cines, enets, entsi, senni, gents, tseng, tegic, genin, seine, etsin, tiges, ciste, etens, senen, tinge, tings, egest, cisne, isneg, ennen, netes, stein, senne, niete, esten, sting, tiene, eesti, nesci, neste, nicen, neeti, cites, gites, igene, giese, tenes, tieng, setin, geise, senec, einen, inset, gieen, centi, steig, tiegs, eisen, ences, teign, siege.

3 letter words made from sentecning:

get, ecg, ese, sen, ice, tin, sin, etc, tic, nit, eeg, inn, cgs, nee, sec, set, cst, nec, ene, gee, cis, net, tec, gen, gin, ect, sit, teg, nig, ige, ten, nne, cns, tee, ies, sic, est, ent, tie, nsc, eec, see.