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How to spell SENTRE correctly?

If you're trying to spell the word "center" but accidentally typed "sentre", fear not! Auto-correct may be on your side. Other acceptable suggestions include "entre", "sentry", and "sinter". Just make sure to double-check before hitting send or submitting your work.

List of suggestions on how to spell sentre correctly

  • centre I had to go to the city centre to buy groceries.
  • centred Yoga helps me to stay centred and focused throughout the day.
  • denture
  • entire
  • entree
  • entry The entry to the museum was free for all visitors.
  • gentry The gentry of the town held a meeting to discuss the upcoming harvest festival.
  • sartre Jean-Paul Sartre was a prominent philosopher and writer of the 20th century.
  • sceptre He brandished his sceptre like a conquering hero.
  • senate Sadly, the senate is unlikely to approve the proposal.
  • senora The senora at the market was selling fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • sent The package has been sent to the recipient.
  • sentries The sentries guarded the entrance to the castle, alert and attentive to any intruders.
  • sentry The sentry on duty kept an eye on the perimeter of the military base.
  • snare She was caught in the trap of his snare.
  • snore I was so tired that I began to snore loudly.
  • venture The two friends decided to start a new venture together, selling handmade crafts online.

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