Correct spelling for SEPERT

We think the word sepert is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sepert

  • pert High would scale Thy voice, and pert would be thy strutting gait, Were but thy mother noble; since, being naught, So stiff thou stand'st for him who is nothing now, And swear'st we came not as commanders here Of all the Achaean navy, nor of thee; But Aias sailed, thou say'st, with absolute right.
  • scepter Over this capital of learning, genius, and sin ruled "The Magnificent" Medici, sitting with easy power on his splendid throne and wielding his scepter with the accurate skill of a perfect craft and the strong decision of a fearless heart.
  • seaport One of these gentlemen, Choricius by name, had a seaport to describe.
  • seder Unlike his contemporaries, Jose devoted himself to the collection of the annals of Jewish history, and left an account from the creation of the world to the war of Bar Cochba, under the name of Seder Olam.
  • sept Mulligan's arrival, on Sept.
  • septet Montgomery was also possibly the first to record with the bass guitar, on 2 July 1953 with The Art Farmer Septet.
  • serpent In the air is St Michael fighting with the serpent of seven heads and ten horns, and in the middle of the lower part is Lucifer already changed into a hideous monster.
  • sparta 83 So having come to Tegea, he told the smith of his evil fortune and endeavoured to hire from him the enclosure, but at first he would not allow him to have it: at length however Lichas persuaded him and he took up his abode there; and he dug up the grave and gathered together the bones and went with them away to Sparta.
  • spat When it dawned upon Herky, he was so furious that he spat at them like an angry cat and clicked his empty revolver.
  • speed Before he slackened speed he tried to look behind to reconnoitre.
  • speedy This catastrophe brought the hunt to a speedy close.
  • speer Speer, who was a Pinkerton lieutenant in Chicago, was shot in the leg and lingered at the Homeopathic Hospital, in Pittsburgh, until July 17, when death ended his sufferings.
  • spent His first kisses that he spent wildly.
  • sport "Don't be a short-sport, Nance," urged Birdie, peevishly.
  • sporty That sporty way of answering, as if he was closing a bet, made me surer than ever that he was not cut out for a butcher.
  • spot Pleasure filled her sparkling eyes, For the lamb had ceased its cries Ere it reached so safe a spot.
  • spout The spout seemed to creak horribly, and for a moment he thought that it was swaying outward with him.
  • spurt It seemed that he had made a gallant spurt into the road, and there paid the penalty of his rashness by a sudden incapacity to move another inch.
  • super Then there was a super-annuated brass-founder, who had a large house near, and who nominally was a Unitarian, having professed himself a Unitarian in the town in which he was formerly in business, where Unitarianism was flourishing.
  • support "I support my mother and I'm putting my young sister through school," admitted the cashier.
  • Septa In some places the latter are of great size and, being embedded in the stratum, have suffered denudation of their contents, and, the septa standing out, form a huge honey-comb.
  • Sped But a quiver had now sped through the assembly.
  • seeped Here and there a thread of light showed from a window, but it was a stealthy light, a light that played truant through the interstices of closed shutters, or seeped perhaps through the folds of curtains hanging inadvertently awry.
  • SUPT No Sir no, by a rule that will not slip so I warrant you, which for her honours sake I will let slip unto you. Gods so Iack, I thinke they have supt.
  • spit Spies were not wanting, who brought them information of the position of stores; from one of these men, Jack, who was stationed off the spit which separates the Putrid Sea from the Sea of Azov, gained intelligence that some large stores, situated on the Crimean shore, had lately been replenished, and that the grain was only waiting the means of transport to be removed to Sebastopol.
  • cockscombs There were also some very fine dwarf cockscombs growing in a pit.

69 words made from the letters sepert

4 letter words made from sepert:

5 letter words made from sepert:

ptere, repse, peers, steer, petes, prete, seper, perst, peret, reste, serpe, speer, seert, peres, steep, tepes, spree, teres, teers, trese, retes, peets, peter, terse, ester, prese, strep, esper, teper, reset, reest, seret, erste.

3 letter words made from sepert:

ert, ese, pee, stp, rep, esr, sep, pet, see, pre, pst, set, res, ter, tee, pes, per, ret, est.

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