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How to spell SEPTERS correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "septers", fret not! A correct suggestion for this word would be "scepters". This spelling is commonly used when referring to the staff carried by a monarch or ruler. Remember, a small letter change can make all the difference in proper English!

List of suggestions on how to spell septers correctly

  • pesters
  • Peters Peters is an experienced programmer who has been working at the company for over a decade.
  • sappers The sappers are working on clearing the way.
  • scepter
  • scepters The scepters of the king were of gold.
  • septet The jazz band performed a lively piece with a beautiful septet of musicians.
  • settees I want to buy some settees to go with my new couch.
  • setters The setters on the volleyball team are responsible for setting up their teammates for successful hits.
  • sippers Sippers are perfect for guests who want to avoid having to drink large amounts of liquid.
  • sitters The sitters were tasked with entertaining the children while their parents were away.
  • sorters The warehouse employed several sorters to categorize and order the incoming products.
  • specters The abandoned house was said to be haunted by specters of its former inhabitants.
  • steppers The dance class teacher taught the students how to do the basic steps of steppers.
  • SUPERS Supers are experienced construction workers who oversee and direct projects.
  • suppers We had delicious suppers every night during our vacation in Italy.
  • sweaters I love warm sweaters during the winter.

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