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How to spell SERATTED correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "seratted", a correct suggestion is to replace it with "serrated". This adjective is commonly used to describe the presence of saw-like or jagged edges. "Serrated" is the correct spelling, conveying the intended meaning accurately and succinctly.

List of suggestions on how to spell seratted correctly

  • aerated The bread dough was aerated with yeast, resulting in a light and fluffy texture once it was baked.
  • Berated He berated his colleague for not completing the project on time.
  • dratted I can't find my dratted car keys anywhere!
  • Ratted I ratted out my friend to the teacher because he was cheating on the test.
  • scatted I've been scatted from the server!
  • seated I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-dressed man seated next to me on the train.
  • sedated After the surgery, the patient was sedated to help them recover comfortably.
  • serrated The knife had a serrated edge that made it easier to cut through meat.
  • Slatted The sun shone through the slatted blinds, casting a warm, dappled light in the room.
  • Spatted I spatted my brother in the face after he insulted me.
  • Squatted I squatted down and inspected the Damage.
  • Strutted She strutted confidently down the runway in her new high heels.
  • swatted The fly was buzzing around my head, so I swatted at it with my hand.

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