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How to spell SERCTION correctly?

"Serction" could refer to "Selection" or "Section". For Selection, it could be corrected by simply changing the first letter from "s" to "se" like "sele ction". For "Section", it could be corrected by changing the "r" to "c" like "Section".

List of suggestions on how to spell serction correctly

  • reaction My instant reaction was to run away from the sound of the explosion.
  • sanction
  • secretion The secretion of insulin by the pancreas helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  • section She walked down the aisle to the section with the non-fiction books.
  • sections The book is divided into several sections, each addressing a different topic.
  • sedation The patient underwent sedation prior to the surgical procedure.
  • sedition The government accused the opposition party of inciting sedition among the masses.
  • seduction The seduction of fame and fortune can lead people astray from their true passions and values.
  • selection The store had a wide selection of fruits and vegetables.
  • serration The serration on the edge of the knife makes it easier to cut through tough materials.
  • suction The suction cup was not strong enough to hold the heavy object.

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