Correct spelling for SERVEIE

We think the word serveie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for serveie

  • save I have loved you well and true: I would have give my life to save you any little care or trouble.
  • sere "Come unto me when hopes have flown Like leaves wind-swept and sere, When every joy thou may'st bemoan; Dear child, thou need'st not fear.
  • serf He has been on intimate terms with czar and serf, he has met millionaire and mendicant, he has hobnobbed with prince and pauper.
  • serif Cartier is a family of serif old style typefaces designed by Carl Dair in 1967, who was commissioned by the Governor General of Canada-in-Council to create a new and distinctively Canadian typeface.
  • serve Thinking we might have met somewhere before, I ransacked my memory in vain for any recollection which would serve to account for his evident interest in me.
  • server Even though it lost some content because of numerous server switches over the years, AbsolutePunk still featured over 55,000 news articles, 2500 reviews, 500 interviews, and 52,000 files in its multimedia gallery.
  • service "Yes, they rendered a great service.
  • serviette My companion pushed into the hall, I followed her, and almost at the same moment a still larger and perhaps grosser woman than my friend, with the same features and complexion, came out of a room to the left with, a serviette in her hand.
  • servile Now Mrs. Bazalgette did not really care a button whether the servile angel wore thick soles or thin.
  • serving They were serving their king and country.
  • servo On the Bondage of the Will (Latin: De Servo Arbitrio, literally, "On Un-free Will", or "Concerning Bound Choice"), by Martin Luther, was published in December 1525.
  • seven "About seven miles, I think.
  • sever Although he showed no wish to sever his connection with the Roman Empire, Gregory behaved as if he considered the emperor his suzerain rather than his immediate ruler.
  • severe Wherefore, I no longer dread the remedies which thou saidst were something too severe for my strength; nay, rather, I am eager to hear of them and call for them with all vehemence.
  • sieve "The roof leaks like a sieve and the floor boards is rotted.
  • survey He was not perhaps too well satisfied with his survey.
  • survive This gave promise of an ascendancy which might survive personal charms.
  • swerve Take thine own way; Better the foot slip than the whole soul swerve.
  • Served At twelve o'clock, high-very high-lunch was served.
  • Soever A great crowd was assembled in the market-place, waiting for the hour when an eagle should be let loose from a cage, for it had been settled that on whose-soever house the eagle alighted, the owner of that house should become ruler of the town.
  • Sergei Political parties and leaders: Coalition Party and Rural Union (KMU), Tiit VAHI, chairman, made up of 4 parties: Coalition Party, Country People's Party, Farmer's Assembly, and Pensioners' and Families' League; Reform Party-Liberals (RE), Siim KALLAS, chairman; Center Party (K), Edgar SAVISAAR, chairman; Union of Pro Patria or Fatherland Alliance (Isamaa of Fatherland), Toivo JURGENSON, chairman; National Independence Party (ERSP), Kelam TUNNE, chairman, note - may have disappeared since the last election; Our Home is Estonia made up of 2 parties: United Peoples Party and the Russian People's Party of Estonia; United Peoples Party, Viktor ANDREJEV, chairman; Russian People's Party of Estonia, Sergei KUZNETSOV, chairman; Moderates (M) made up of 2 parties: Social Democratic Party and Rural Center Party; Social Democratic Party, Eiki NESTOR, chairman; Rural Center Party, Vambo KAAL, chairman; Right-Wingers, Ulo NUGIS, chairman
  • Stevie Then the mob spirit broke forth as some one called out: Pray for a miracle, Stevie!
  • serves "You are right, sir; she is too hasty sometimes, and was a little too much so for her own good very nearly: only that it serves my purpose to help her, I would not now be here.
  • servers NTP server misuse and abuse covers a number of practices which cause damage or degradation to a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, ranging from flooding it with traffic (effectively a DDoS attack) or violating the servers access policy or the NTP rules of engagement.
  • severer The state of sleep seems particularly favourable to its occurrence, and the short fitful dozes are interrupted by the return of impending suffocation, in one paroxysm of which longer and severer than the others the infant may fall back dead.
  • non-alcoholic Counselors serving ACOAs can also help by working on building coping mechanisms such as creating meaningful relationships with other non-alcoholic family members.

63 words made from the letters serveie

5 letter words made from serveie:

rieve, evers, viser, eerie, serve, versi, seree, reise, sever, vesre, riese, sirve, reive, veere, seier, serei, viers, ivers, reeve, siree, evere, veres, isere, verse, servi, erevs, revis, vires, veers, sieve.

4 letter words made from serveie:

3 letter words made from serveie:

esr, eve, ies, irs, rev, ese, sir, res, ire, vie, see.

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