Correct spelling for SERVIA

We think the word servia is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for servia

  • segovia His cavalry outposts brought in word that more than 4,000 cavalry were but twelve miles away, and that other French troops were at Segovia and other places.
  • sepia The Trinity window, the Calvary window, the window with the Crown of Thorns, and the east window in the chancel, which Sir Walter loved best, were all sketched against the sky in tracery of sepia and burnt amber, as I heard Sir S. saying to Mrs. West.
  • serbia We had three miles' drive to the station; we arrived at 3.20 and the train was expected at 4.15 but it never arrived till 5.10. This is the usual thing in Serbia; we only have sixty miles to go.
  • serf The influence they exerted there still lies on the serf population, like one of the many chains fastened to a Siberian exile's body.
  • serif Cambria (typeface), a transitional serif typeface Cambria Killgannon, a character in The Amory Wars comic book series Cambria Press, an American academic publisher Cambria Productions, a defunct American animation production studio × Cambria, a commercial orchid name
  • serra In October of the following year, Serra paid his first visit to San Francisco, and said mass on the titular saint's day.
  • serve "If you would truly serve me, if you care at all for me, do not longer delay and be discovered here.
  • server Abacus Data Systems has two platforms for accounting firms that rely on Microsoft SQL Server: ResultsCRM, a customer relationship management for QuickBooks, and Officetools practice management software.
  • service Howrah sent back to ask what proof he had of the Rangars' taking service with the British.
  • servile Sniff, bore away by his servile disposition, had drored up his leg with a higher and a higher relish, and was now discovered to be waving his corkscrew over his head.
  • serving Nor did the argument that she was serving her country greatly impress her.
  • servo In the pilot for MST3K, the robot who would become Servo was named "Beeper," who just spoke in beeps that only Crow could understand (similar to R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Star Wars films).
  • sever But you, whom Nature made for high endeavour, Are you content the fields of air to tread Hanging your poet's life upon a thread That at my pleasure I can slip and sever?
  • silvia "We are quite distinguished-the Salisbury School is," said Silvia, with an elegant manner, and a toss of her head.
  • siva The group of temples at Deogarh dedicated to Siva is visited by pilgrims from all parts of India.
  • sofia The Russian people had fought for an ideal: they longed to see the cross take the place of the crescent which for five centuries had flashed defiance to Christendom from the summit of St. Sofia at Constantinople.
  • survey They would not have ceased to survey each other even for promise of a reward!
  • suva I felt hopeful that for a time at least I should see the last of stewards and their ilk. But before I was two days in Suva I learned that shore stewards are often not any better, and was happy to get farther inland away from the port for the short time I could afford to spend in the tropics.
  • syria Then, after sacrificing in the tomb of his ancestors, he set out for Syria.
  • Served The officers had coffee served under the charmille.
  • Sergio Political parties and leaders: Social Democratic Party or PSD [Marcelo Rebelo DE SOUSA]; Portuguese Socialist Party or PS [Antonio GUTERRES]; Portuguese Communist Party or PCP [Carlos CARVALHAS]; Popular Party or PP [Manuel MONTEIRO], may have joined the CDS for the election; National Solidarity Party or PSN [Manuel SERGIO]; Center Democratic Party or CDS; United Democratic Coalition or CDU (communists)
  • Sophia My spirits are disturbed, and I am afraid it will be near morning before Sophia returns from Richmond.
  • Sylvia You have certainly got to tell me, Sylvia."
  • serves Nature herself it is, then, who serves as teacher and as type for that glance and for those eyes.
  • servos Thus, one of the innovative features of the Brabazon was a purpose-developed gust-alleviation system, which used an assortment of servos that were triggered from a gust-sensing probe installed on the exterior of the aircrafts nose; an improved version of this system, along with fully automated trimming, was to have been deployed on board the Brabazon Mark II.

94 words made from the letters servia

5 letter words made from servia:

asirv, arise, varie, viser, vares, seria, raise, savir, resia, servi, vaire, aries, virsa, vraie, isaev, ivers, viers, asier, reais, veria, ivrea, aiver, versi, vires, viars, ivars, saive, sirve, vairs, viera, rivas, saver, varsi, revis, veras, serva, aesir, avers.

4 letter words made from servia:

3 letter words made from servia:

ear, air, esr, are, sea, ies, era, ire, irs, vie, rev, iva, ras, vas, ira, var, sir, res.

6 letter words made from servia:

servia, savier, reavis, varies, aivers.

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