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How to spell SEVLES correctly?

If you often find yourself mistyping "sevles" when you mean to say "selves", there are a few helpful suggestions for autocorrect (or yourself!). Try double-checking and slowing down while typing or perhaps using voice recognition software. Additionally, proofreading after writing can help catch and correct such misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell sevles correctly

  • reviles He reviles his opponents with vicious personal attacks.
  • sables The sables were brought out for the guests to try on during the fur fashion show.
  • sales
  • saves The doctor saves many lives by performing life-changing surgeries.
  • Scales The scales hung down from the ceiling.
  • seals
  • sellers
  • sells My friend sells handmade jewelry online.
  • Selves Students should be encouraged to reflect on their own selves to better understand their thoughts and behaviors.
  • serves She serves on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization.
  • settles After a long day at work, he settles into the couch to watch his favorite show.
  • sevens No sevens in my deck!
  • severs The heavy storm severs the power lines, leaving the entire village without electricity for hours.
  • sidles The cat sidles up to me, purring and nuzzling my leg.
  • sieves The sieves were unused and clung together like a strangling vine.
  • smiles She always smiles at everyone she meets.
  • stales
  • Stiles I met Stiles during my first day of college.
  • stoles I stole Michael's stoles while he was sleeping.
  • Styles Karen's choice of clothing styles are all very different.

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