Correct spelling for SF

We think the word sf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sf

  • hf FELEN, v. feel, experience, L. 692; Fele, understand by experiment, HF. 826; try to find out, T. ii. 387; ger. to feel, R. 556; Fele, 1 pr. s. experience, L. 520; Felestow, feelest thou, perceivest thou, B 1. p 4. 1; Feleth, pr. s. feels, A 1220, F 727; Felte, 1 pt. s. 4. 217; F 566; Feltest, 2 pt. s. L. 1379; Felede, pt. s. G 521; Feled, pt. s. 3, 492; Felten, 2 pt. pl. L. 689; Feled, pp. felt, B 5. p 5. 1; perceived, B 5. p 3. 15; T. iv. 984.
  • rf Additionally, RF borreliae tend to persist in the brain after they disappear from the blood, a phenomenon referred to as residual brain infection.
  • sa Quand beau vient sur beau il perd sa beaute.
  • sb ELDING, sb. fuel.
  • sc The modern sh in English when derived from Anglo-Saxon is almost invariably sc softened, or when derived from Danish or Norse sh, as, for instance, in the words sceadu shade, sceaft shaft, sceacan shake, sceal shall, scamu shame, skapa shape.
  • sd 25 min. each, sd., b&w, 16 mm. National Broadcasting Co., Inc.
  • se Sin, ser, siksui, sibi, se.
  • si Young Si was throwing out the mackerel with marvellous rapidity, but at the sound of a footstep behind him he turned and straightened up his tall form.
  • sm {88}Considered by Cleve as synonymous with M. apiculata Grun., not Wm. Smith, and by De Toni as synonymous with M. apiculata Wm. Sm. In any case, M. angulata Lewis is not the same as M. apiculata Wm. Sm., the loculi of which are equal.
  • sn S1, S2, S3, ..., SN, S1S2, S2S2, S3S3, ..., SNS2, S1S3, S2S3, S3S3, ..., SNS3, . . . . . S1SN, S2SN, S3SN, ..., SNSN,
  • so We all know why this is so.
  • ss Again, for a three-dimensional system, in the notation of SS 7, 8,
  • sw & lit. 16 74 50 82 50 76 75 W do SW cloudy clear do. 17 74 25 80 50 79 SW do. do clear do. do. 18 72 79 73 W. SW W. clear.
  • If And Jim knew it, if they did not.
  • Of 132 Buttington, battle of, i.
  • S S.E. from the town.
  • NSF In mid-2016, the national team tried to get the sport on the program for the 19th National Sports Festival (NSF) in Calabar, Cross River in order to try to raise awareness of cerebral palsy football in Nigeria.
  • AF Sit. c. 12 W Grouse s. b. 13 Th O. Lammas 14 F Ld. Clyde d. 15 S W. Scott b. 16 S 12 S. af. Tr. 17 M Ad. Blake d. 18 Tu B. Spurs 19 W Ozontero 20 Th Saragossa 21 F Blck.
  • BF Gospel: LXXVI Sources: Bf, p. 205. Parallelisms: John v, 5 et seq.
  • CF 88, ad virtutem nihil conferunt liberalia studia; cf.
  • SF Legend: # – Record awaiting ratification by British Virgin Islands Swimming Association; WR – World record; AM – Americas record; Records not set in finals: h – heat; sf – semifinal; r – relay 1st leg; rh – relay heat 1st leg; b – B final; † – en route to final mark; tt – time trial
  • SH The sound of the th in thin, the th in thine, the sh in shine, similarly related to t, d, and s, are expressed by signs as like t, d, and s, respectively, as th and sh.
  • SP Levinsen calls it M. hippopus, sp.
  • ST " " 19. St. Rambertese- St. Aubinese " " 22. Londres-Douvres.
  • SQ Bowyer, William, the younger, 238 sq.
  • F "The Doctor is waiting on the parlor-floor-in F," was the answer.
  • FF 88 ff, 93 ff.
  • SPF International organization participation: ACP, AsDB, ESCAP, FAO, G-77, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICCt, IDA, IFC, IMF, IMO, Interpol, ITU, OPCW (signatory), Sparteca, SPC, SPF, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, WHO
  • FSF Naila Nazir, Pakistani air hostess who received 1985s Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) Heroism Award for bravely handling a tense and dangerous situation during the Flight PK-326 hijacking Froso Papaharalambous, singer Iris Peterson, flew for United Airlines from 1946 until 2007, retiring at the age of 85 Lyudmila Putina, former wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was a flight attendant early in her career.
  • PF A woman earns 60 pf.
  • VF Asystole is different from very fine occurrences of ventricular fibrillation, though both have a poor prognosis, and untreated fine VF will lead to asystole.
  • NF Suriname unicameral National Assembly or Nationale Assemblee (51 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms) elections: last held 5 May 2000 (next to be held NA May 2005) election results: percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - NF 33, MC 10, DNP 2000 3, DA '91 2, PVF 2, PALU 1 note: widespread demonstrations during the summer of 1999 led to the call for elections a year early
  • SK Galatasaray SK Mens 1968–1969 season is the 1968–1969 basketball season for Turkish professional basketball club Galatasaray SK.
  • SJ Apostolic Prefect of British Honduras Salvatore di Pietro, SJ (10 June 1888 – 3 January 1893) Apostolic Vicars of British Honduras Salvatore di Pietro, SJ (3 January 1893 – 23 August 1898) Frederick C.

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