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How to spell SHAR correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "shar" instead of "share", don't worry! Auto-correct can sometimes be misleading. The correct word is "share", and it refers to distributing or giving a portion of something to others. Double-check your spelling before sending to ensure your message is clear and understood.

List of suggestions on how to spell shar correctly

  • char I need to char the vegetables before adding them to the soup.
  • Saar After World War I, the Saar region came under French control.
  • scar The accident left a visible scar on his forehead.
  • sear He used a blowtorch to sear the surface of the steak before grilling it.
  • shad The fishermen caught plenty of shad during their weekend trip to the river.
  • shah The shah ruled Iran before the Islamic Revolution.
  • sham The company's promised bonuses turned out to be a sham.
  • shard The archaeologist carefully picked up the shard of pottery, trying to piece together what the ancient artifact would have looked like in its entirety.
  • share
  • shari
  • shark The shark swam through the ocean with its powerful fins.
  • sharp
  • shaw The shaw outside my window is always full of birds singing in the mornings.
  • shay
  • shear
  • soar
  • spar The two boxers will spar in the ring for practice.
  • star Last night, I saw a shooting star in the sky.
  • Thar

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