Correct spelling for SHAUFFER

We think the word shauffer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for shauffer

  • chafe Shave the head anointed therewith, and chafe it in, warm, every other day for three weeks; bruise also the leaves and bind them on the head, and give three spoonfuls of the juice warm every morning.
  • chaff "You'll be good to poor old Chaff?
  • chauffeur A large motor was drawn up in front of the house, and as Mrs. Mansfield's chauffeur sounded a melodious chord the figure of a smartly dressed woman walked across the pavement and stepped into it.
  • shaver I got in the way of calling him that when he was a little shaver and used to row me about with his father."
  • shuffle "Arrah now, but that's a brave tune," cried the old woman, beginning to shuffle her feet, though she hadn't much elasticity in her limbs.
  • shuffler Clinch Mountain Boys members 1967 to 2016 Ralph Stanley (Lead vocalist, banjo) Jack Cooke (bass) Curly Ray Cline (fiddle) George Shuffler (guitar, bass) Melvin Goins (bass, guitar) Larry Sparks (Lead vocalist, guitar) Roy Lee Centers (Lead vocalist, guitar) Ricky Skaggs (mandolin, fiddle) Keith Whitley (Lead vocalist, guitar) Charlie Sizemore (Lead vocalist, guitar) Hook n Beans {Buddy Moore } lead singer- guitar Ricky Lee (guitar) Junior Blankenship (guitar) Kenneth Davis (guitar) Renfro Proffit (guitar) Ron Thomason (mandolin) Steve Sparkman (banjo) James Alan Shelton (guitar) Sammy Adkins (Lead vocalist, guitar) Todd Meade (fiddle) Ralph 'Hank Smith (Lead guitar) Ernie Thacker (Lead vocalist, guitar, mandolin) John Rigsby (mandolin) Dewey Brown (fiddle),(Vocals) Jimmy Cameron (Bass), (Vocals) Audey Ratliff (bass) Ralph Stanley II (Lead vocalist, guitar) Nathan Stanley (mandolin, Lead vocalist, guitar) James Price (fiddle) Randall Joe Hibbitts (bass) Mitchell Van Dyke (banjo) Jarrod Church (banjo) Alex Hibbitts (Mandolin) Jimmy Vaughn (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) Political career Around 1970, he ran for Clerk of Court and Commissioner of Revenue in Dickenson County only to state this: What happened is, somebody traded me off—they used my popularity and money to elect somebody else.
  • suffer What shall I suffer from my fears about you?
  • SAFER It would be safer, he felt, to let it lie amongst his secret papers.
  • Shaffer But any way I was reading this letter when in come Shaffer the bird that was mixed up in that little gag about the fake spy and he come up to me and says "Well you big snake who's male are you reading now?"
  • Chauffeurs So I heaved up one end of the canvas trunk, and the Commandant tore it from me and flung it to the chauffeurs, who got it and the hold-all into Bert's ambulance.

194 words made from the letters shauffer

5 letter words made from shauffer:

rseau, aefrs, haffs, aseff, huffs, suhre, husar, huers, aures, fraus, hears, frase, frueh, fushe, ushra, suare, sarfu, sarff, ureas, usher, hause, saher, refah, shear, huser, ashur, haruf, hafer, surae, suffa, shuff, fresh, rushe, haufs, sehra, rafeh, sheaf, seraf, sharf, ferus, shure, rueff, hauer, hesar, raffs, freas, afhrf, harff, ruffs, fuera, share, aruhe, hares, shefa, sufre, rauff, sauer, ursae, shuar, fuser, furse, rfuea, sahur, shaer, asfur, fusar, hauff, arhus, harue, urase, erhua, faure, arsuf.

3 letter words made from shauffer:

fsh, esr, hus, res, sea, use, shf, eff, hue, ehf, fha, usa, rue, suf, ref, sue, ear, uhf, ufa, ras, era, raf, sha, fes, are, far, fur, ash, sur.

4 letter words made from shauffer:

hare, esau, rauh, sure, ruhe, rhea, rahu, frah, huse, suhr, fure, eash, shuf, shua, saue, frea, fuhe, fuer, safe, seff, shue, ruef, raue, rhue, haru, suef, fare, rues, asur, surf, suer, harf, ashe, ruse, hera, seha, uher, ruea, ares, faur, rufa, hues, huff, haff, raef, eruh, fruh, haue, fahr, rhus, auer, fehr, saru, ufer, sear, hauf, rufe, arse, hear, suar, serf, sehr, resh, user, efaf, hafs, erhu, rush, rahe, rase, furs, heur, feur, fuse, fuhr, rash, frue, hafu, sura, uffe, hafr, rfef, fafe, raus, heru, suea, fear, ruff, fufa, urea, efsf, frau.

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