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How to spell SHAWED correctly?

The misspelling "shawed" could possibly be corrected to "showed", "shaved" or "shadowed". It's important to carefully proofread work in order to catch and correct errors like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell shawed correctly

  • awed As a child, he was awed by the majestic beauty of the mountains.
  • Cawed The crows cawed loudly from the tall trees.
  • Chewed
  • Hawed She hawed before finally answering the question.
  • hewed He hewed the log with his axe into a smooth plank.
  • Jawed He jawed on his gum nervously.
  • Pawed The dog pawed at the door, begging to be let outside.
  • sawed The carpenter sawed through the thick block of wood with ease.
  • seaweed
  • sewed
  • shacked
  • shad I caught a giant shad in my net.
  • shade
  • shaded We sat on the shaded bench to escape the hot sun.
  • shadowed The room was brightly lit, but I could see the outline of a shadowed figure against the window.
  • shagged
  • shamed She was shamed by her actions and apologized for her behavior.
  • Shammed He shammed his illness to avoid going to work.
  • shaped The cake was beautifully shaped like a heart.
  • shard Jessie carefully picked up a shard of glass from the floor to avoid cutting herself.
  • shared Emma and Andrew shared a dessert after their dinner.
  • Sharked
  • Sharped
  • shaved He had just shaved his beard and now looked completely different.
  • sheared A sheep was sheared today.
  • Sheaved A flock of sheep are sheaved.
  • shed
  • shewed He shewed me the way to the nearest gas station.
  • Shied I discreetly shied away from the oncoming bus.
  • Shoaled The bay was shoaled with rocks, making it difficult for the boat to pass.
  • shooed They shooed the chicken away.
  • showed I showed the test to my teacher.
  • shower
  • shred
  • sowed
  • SWED
  • thawed I thawed the turkey out in the oven.
  • Yawed The boat yawed as the wind changed direction suddenly.

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