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How to spell SHIKA correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "shika" and meant something else, here are a few suggestions to consider. If you intended to write "sheik", referring to an Arab leader or "sheikh", referring to an Islamic religious leader, those could be suitable alternatives. Additionally, "shika" could be a misspelling of "shirk", describing the act of associating partners with God in Islamic belief.

List of suggestions on how to spell shika correctly

  • Shaka Shaka is a hand gesture often used in Hawaii as a sign of aloha and greeting.
  • shake
  • shaky After the earthquake, the ground beneath our feet felt very shaky.
  • Shea
  • sheik The sheik led his caravan of camels through the desert.
  • sheikh The sheikh led the community in prayer at the mosque.
  • sheiks Many sheiks own sports teams.
  • shirk As a responsible employee, I never shirk my duties and always complete my work on time.
  • shirks He always shirks his responsibilities at work and leaves them for others to handle.
  • shiva The funeral procession for Shiva was long and elaborate.
  • shrike The shrike is known for impaling its prey on thorns.
  • SKA "SKA music originated in Jamaica in the 1950s and is known for its upbeat, off-beat rhythm.

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