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How to spell SHITTERS correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "shitters", it is essential to provide alternative suggestions for correction. Possible accurate options include "shutters" (window covering), "shatters" (break into pieces) or "sitters" (people looking after someone/something). Remember to be mindful of the context to select the appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell shitters correctly

  • bitters The cocktail was a perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavors, thanks to the addition of bitters.
  • chatters The sound of chatters filled the room as the guests mingled and caught up with each other.
  • fitters I need some fitters to help me with the installation.
  • hitters The hitters in the batting order hit the ball hard.
  • jitters
  • litters She walks around the park daily and picks up litters.
  • setters The setters on the volleyball team are responsible for making accurate passes to the hitters.
  • shatter
  • shatters The sound of breaking glass shatters the peaceful silence of the empty house.
  • shelters There are shelters available for homeless people.
  • Shiites Shiites are one of the two main branches of Islam.
  • Shiners My mom always gives me a tin of Shiners when she comes to visit.
  • shivers Just the thought of jumping out of an airplane gives me the shivers.
  • shooters The video game tournament was dominated by the skilled shooters.
  • shouters The Shouters are a loud group of birds.
  • shutter I need to close the shutter to get a good picture.
  • shutters The shutters were closed tightly.
  • shysters Most people are Shysters when they first meet new people, but after talking they eventually warm up and let their Shyster side
  • sitters The sitters were carefully selected based on their experience with children.
  • skitters The mouse skitters across the floor, trying to avoid the cat.
  • titters The comedian's inappropriate joke elicited uncomfortable titters from the audience.

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