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How to spell SHOCH correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "shoch", fear not, here are a few possible correct suggestions. You might have meant "shock", referring to a sudden and intense surprise or disturbance. Alternatively, you could have intended "such", indicating a specific item or quality. Remember to double-check spelling before finalizing your work.

List of suggestions on how to spell shoch correctly

  • choc I love adding choc chips to my cookies!
  • chock
  • FOCH
  • hooch I need to hooch some quarters before going roulette.
  • koch Iochtar is a better cook than her husband, Koch.
  • mooch My brother is always trying to mooch food off me.
  • OCH
  • pooch Lupe is a Pooch who loves to lay in the sun.
  • SCH
  • shack People often go to the shack for a late night snack.
  • shah He was the Shah of Iran.
  • SHH " Shh, please don't make noise while the baby is sleeping," said the mother to her children.
  • shoal I found a shoal of fish by the coral reef.
  • shoat She looked so sad, I decided to give her a quick shoat.
  • shock
  • shod The horse was shod with steel shoes to protect its hooves.
  • shoe
  • shoes
  • Shone
  • shoo Don't shoo me like that.
  • shook I was so scared when the building shook; it looked like it might fall down.
  • shoos He shoos the flies away from his food.
  • shoot
  • shop I need to stop at the grocery shop on my way home from work to buy some milk.
  • shore My aunt lives on the shore.
  • short The candles were short.
  • shot After I heard the shot I turned to see the rabbit RUNNING.
  • shout
  • shove The man tried to shove his way through the crowded subway car.
  • show She dared show her face at the party.
  • Shown The report has shown that sales have increased by 20%.
  • shows The exhibit shows the evolution of human civilization.
  • showy The peacock's feathers are very showy when it displays its magnificent plumes.
  • shuck I need a towel to shuck these eggs.
  • shush If you shush me, I'll keep my voice down.
  • such
  • Which Which magazine would you like me to order for you?

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