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How to spell SHOPED correctly?

If you accidentally wrote "shoped" instead of "shopped", fret not! Here are a couple of correct suggestions that you can use instead. You may consider using "shopped" or "purchased". Remember to proofread your writing to catch any typos and ensure better accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell shoped correctly

  • chopped She chopped the vegetables for the soup.
  • Coped She coped by going on a long walk to clear her head.
  • doped He was disqualified from the race after testing positive for being doped.
  • Hooped It was hooped by the ball.
  • Hoped I hoped that I would not be late for my appointment.
  • Hopped I had a beer and a hopped head.
  • hyped I'm not really into this band, but everyone is hyped for their new album.
  • Loped The horse loped gracefully across the field.
  • moped
  • OPED The oped was published in the morning edition.
  • Roped She tightly roped the package to ensure it wouldn't fall apart during shipping.
  • scoped The sniper scoped out his target from a distance.
  • shape I am trying to shape my life in a more positive direction.
  • shaped The clouds were shaped like fluffy cotton balls in the bright blue sky.
  • Sharped After the sharped pencil broke, she had to buy a new one.
  • shed He built a new shed in the backyard to store his tools.
  • Shied The dog shied when the stranger came around the corner.
  • Shipped The package was shipped out yesterday and is expected to arrive by tomorrow.
  • Shoaled I shoaled up on a school of fish.
  • shocked
  • shod The horse's hooves were shod with steel shoes.
  • shooed The woman shooed the stray cat away from her garden.
  • shop
  • shoppe I went to the old-fashioned gift shoppe and bought some handmade souvenirs.
  • Shopped I shopped for clothes during the sale yesterday.
  • shopper She was a shopper for clothes.
  • shoppes The new outdoor mall has a variety of trendy shoppes.
  • shops She likes to go shopping at the local shops.
  • Shored The broken boat was shored up on the beach by the fisherman.
  • shorted He was shorted on his deposit at the bank and had to scramble to come up with the money.
  • shouted
  • Shoved Warehouse employee was shoved and scratched by customer.
  • showed She showed me the photo she had taken of us together.
  • shred I need to shred these documents before throwing them away.
  • sloped The roof is sloped so water won't collect on the ground.
  • Soaped I took a bath soaped up.
  • Sopped I sopped up the juice with a paper towel.
  • Sped The car sped down the street, leaving dust in its wake.
  • Whooped I was whooped when I pulled into the parking space.
  • whopped I whopped the ball with all my strength and it flew over the fence.

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