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How to spell SHOTE correctly?

If you meant "shot" instead of "shote", here are some correct suggestions. "Shot" refers to a discharge of a firearm or a small quantity of liquor. To avoid misspellings, try using a spell-check tool, proofread your writing or consult a dictionary. Accuracy in spelling ensures effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell shote correctly

  • chute The workers slid down the chute to reach the bottom of the mine.
  • hot I accidentally spilled the hot coffee on my lap.
  • shade I love sitting under the shade of the big oak tree in my backyard.
  • She
  • shiite Shiite Muslims constitute a significant minority in many Muslim-majority countries.
  • shoat The farmer is looking for a good shoat to bring home to the farm.
  • shod The horse was shod with new shoes in preparation for the long ride ahead.
  • shoe I am planning to buy a new shoe for hiking.
  • shoes
  • Shone
  • shoo " Shoo! Get out of here!" the old man said to the stray cat in his yard.
  • shooed Mom shooed me away from the table.
  • shoot
  • shooter The police are currently searching for the shooter responsible for the mass shooting in the downtown area.
  • shoots She plants the seeds and waits until the shoots begin to break through the soil.
  • shore I love walking on the beach and feeling the sand beneath my feet as I approach the shore.
  • Shored The perimeter of the Shored security fence was designed to keep out intruders.
  • short I can't wait to finish this project so I can go on a short vacation.
  • shorted The fuse had shorted, causing the power to go out.
  • shorten I need to shorten this sentence.
  • shorter This pole is shorter than the other one.
  • shorts I need some shorts to wear to the game.
  • shorty He greeted his little sister with a playful "What's up, shorty?
  • shot The basketball player takes the shot and scores.
  • Shots Jose took the shots.
  • shout
  • shouted I shouted to get my friend's attention across the noisy room.
  • shouter The shouter disrupted the peace of the entire neighborhood with his loud and constant screams.
  • shouts He shouts from the top of his lungs to get everyone's attention.
  • shove Do not shove people in front of you while boarding the bus.
  • Shoved He shoved his way through the crowd to reach the front of the stage.
  • show You must show your ticket to enter the museum.
  • showed The exhibit showed how the process works.
  • shut
  • sot It's not appropriate to call someone a sot just because they like to drink alcohol.
  • STE

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