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How to spell SHOWC correctly?

If you're dealing with the misspelling "showc", here are some possible correct suggestions. One option could be "showcase", which means to display or present something. Another potential correction is "shown", the past participle form of "show". Finally, you could consider "shadow", which refers to a dark silhouette caused by an object blocking light.

List of suggestions on how to spell showc correctly

  • choc I love to eat choc chip cookies with a glass of milk.
  • chow I am going to cook some delicious chow mein for dinner tonight.
  • scow
  • shaw The shaw was filled with wildflowers and tall grasses.
  • shew
  • shock She experienced a shock when she opened the door and saw her ex-boyfriend standing there.
  • shod
  • shoe
  • shoo I yelled "shoo!" to scare the birds away from my garden.
  • shook
  • shop
  • shot I took a shot of tequila at the bar last night.
  • show I will show you how to properly solve the math problem.
  • shower She took a long, hot shower after a tiring day at work.
  • Shown The data clearly shown that our sales had increased over the last quarter.
  • shows The data shows a steady increase in sales over the past year.
  • showy Her showy dress was the talk of the party.
  • Soc Soc's unexpected arrival surprised everyone at the party.

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