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How to spell SHUTES correctly?

If you've misspelled "shutes", fret not! The correct word you are looking for is "chutes". Chutes refer to channels or slides used for the transportation of materials or people. Keep in mind the correct spelling to ensure effective communication and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell shutes correctly

  • chute The skier navigated down the mountain and expertly went through the narrow chute.
  • chutes The chutes are a marvel of engineering.
  • shades He opened the blinds to let the sun filter through the shades.
  • SHES Shes always cheerful, even in the face of difficulty.
  • shies When the horse sees the fence, it shies away from it.
  • Shiites The Shiites are a minority in Sunni-dominated Iraq.
  • shoes
  • Shots I took two shots of espresso this morning to wake myself up.
  • shouter The shouter interrupted the speaker multiple times during the debate.
  • shouters The stadium had a great and impassioned contingent of shouters.
  • shouts The teacher shouts at the students to quiet down and pay attention during class.
  • shunts
  • shut Please keep your voice down. I need to shut my eyes and try to relax.
  • shuts The automatic door shuts after someone passes through it.
  • shutter When photographing a sunsets it is important to use a shutter that closes quickly to avoid picture blur.
  • shutters The shutters on the windows were closed, blocking out the bright sun.
  • suites She always stayed in suites when she went on vacation.
  • Utes There is a tribe of Utes living in the Rocky Mountains.

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