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How to spell SICTY correctly?

If you meant to type "sicty" but misspelled it, the correct suggestions could be "sixty" or "city". "Sixty" refers to the number 60, while "city" denotes a large urban area. Double-checking for such typos can help ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell sicty correctly

  • city I live in a bustling city with tall skyscrapers and vibrant cultures.
  • DICT
  • Dicta During the trial, the prosecutor made frequent use of dicta, or remarks that were not addressed to the court.
  • kitty
  • PICT I only have a pict of the two of them together.
  • salty I accidentally added too much salt to the soup, making it way too salty.
  • sect The religious sect gathered every Sunday for worship.
  • sects There are different sects of Christianity, with some being more conservative than others.
  • sic Despite the grammatical error, "She's ran" (sic) was written in the report.
  • sick I am feeling very sick and may need to go see a doctor.
  • sickly She looked pale and sickly after being bedridden with the flu for several days.
  • sicko He was acting strange and I thought he might be sicko.
  • SICS After the dog bit him, he realized he needed to sics him on the neighbor's cat before he got out of control.
  • sift I will sift through the data for you.
  • silt A river's banks would be lined with silt if it continued moving.
  • silty
  • sit
  • site The museum site is a must see.
  • sixty Sixty is a great age.
  • softy Don't be such a softy, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself.
  • sooty The sooty clouds blocked the sunlight.
  • sticky The honey on my hands made them feel sticky.
  • sty I fell into a sty while trying to catch the runaway pig.
  • suety

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