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How to spell SICURED correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "sicured", fret not! It is likely a typo. The correct word you're looking for could be "secured". This simple error occurs often, but we're here to help you catch it and ensure your writing is flawless.

List of suggestions on how to spell sicured correctly

  • cured The antibiotics cured the infection.
  • sacred The ancient temple is considered a sacred place of worship.
  • scared
  • Scored
  • scoured I scoured the internet for hours looking for a good deal.
  • secure She was feeling secure being escorted by the officer through the busy city.
  • secured
  • securer The new locks and alarms make the building much securer than it was before.
  • sigurd In Vikings, Sigurd fights until the end and dies trying to protect his people.
  • Sired The champion racehorse was sired by a well-known stallion with a powerful bloodline.
  • soured The relationship between the two best friends soured after a huge argument.

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