How to spell SIFI correctly?

We think the word sifi is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell sifi correctly

  • biff He had wanted to biff the fellow out of it; had trusted that Hallam would see the inexpediency of his resuscitation stunt and clear off before the news of his return got about.
  • fife We have now English noblemen who play the horn, the fife-the drum, some say!
  • fifo The data stream is a fifo.
  • life But tell no one, on your life!
  • lifo In the future, lifo may be the only way to stay alive.
  • miff I'm not sure if I should miff on this or not.
  • niff I can't believe that he niffed me!
  • rife
  • riff
  • safe
  • saki She loves saki, and often enjoys a glass at the sushi bar.
  • sari
  • semi She had a semi-final exam tomorrow which she absolutely dreads.
  • si The dog is sleeping in the sun.
  • sic I refuse to do it - "sic"
  • sick
  • side
  • sift I sifted the flour gently before adding it to the batter.
  • sigh
  • sign
  • sill
  • silo The silo is a tight space for the animals.
  • sin
  • sinai
  • sine The line is drawn at a right angle to the sine of the angle.
  • sing
  • sip
  • sir
  • sire
  • sis I have to go to my sister's house for supper.
  • sit
  • site Jasper's is the best site for fashion ideas.
  • siva The god Shiva is popular in India.
  • size The size of the room is perfect for my needs.
  • ski Scott is skiing with his family.
  • skiff I jumped into my skiff and rowed out to meet them.
  • sniff I need to give my dog a sniff to get her moving.
  • sofa She chose a oversized couch so they could all sit together.
  • sofia My aunt Sofia always cooked the most delicious meals.
  • soft I'm so soft, you can't even feel me.
  • spiff
  • stiff The front of her dress was very stiff.
  • tiff
  • wife
  • xii
  • xiii After his third xiii birthday, Ryan could finally claim his throne.
  • If I would love to see you tomorrow, but if I do, I will be extremely late for work.
  • Sufi
  • Sid My ball rolled on the ground and Sid picked it up.
  • SF
  • SCI A science fiction novel is about a group of people who are sent to another planet.
  • DIFF Collagenous colitis Main article: Collagenous colitis Treatment caused Diversion colitis Main article: Diversion colitis Chemical colitis Main article: Chemical colitis Chemotherapy-induced colitis Vascular disease Ischemic colitis Main article: Ischemic colitis Infectious Infectious colitis A subtype of infectious colitis is Clostridium difficile colitis, which is informally abbreviated as "c diff colitis".
  • RIF A RIF is a Rapid Intervention Force.
  • SDI The SDI proposal would protect America's nuclear deterrents.
  • SPF I need to apply SPF before I go outside.
  • SUI Isuzu is a Japanese car company.
  • SIRS Is there a problem, Sirs?
  • JIFF I'm going to grab my jacket.

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  • irritable
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